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"Heartbreak Hotel" is the second episode of Season 30.


Marge and Homer's marriage is tested when they travel to a tropical island to compete for a million dollars on Marge's favorite reality competition show.

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The Simpson family is watching a reality television show called The Amazing Place, which hosted by Tag Tuckerbag. Bart and Lisa insists Homer and Marge go and try out for next season, and when Marge has had enough of their begging Marge tells her kids to "can it", she shows them their past tryouts for the show being rejected every time.

Lisa edits out a video for them at Springfield Squidport, where the tryouts are being held Bart and Lisa bring recordings of Marge and Homer's rejection letter openings. At home, Marge opens the mail for and find outs with Homer they were selected.

Unfortunately, for them at the first trial, #SuitcaseStowaway, they immediately lose and #Shelliminated, only to find that they cannot leave for the next six weeks of the recorded show, in order to not let anyone know who won. They will be staying at Courtyard by Airport hotel, having to hide the truth from everyone, including their own children.

While Marge is miserable for being away from home Homer is happy on all the accommodations they are given. Homer manages to change her mind, while the kids are digging out a pool at home, but when they find the post production room, Marge discovers that Homer found her stuff but instead of winning, he ate a chocolate bar and gets irritated.

In a black and white setting, Marge and Homer meet the fifth week eliminated couple, where Marge makes Homer jealous by flirting with Nick just before the next day, a couple can re-enter the show, but only if they swap partners with a other couple, the #DeadWeightDrop, to compete in #MangoTango, and Marge selects Nick.

Marge is the one that messes up forgetting to fellow step two of the challenge, which salting the rims of the glasses and they get back home, where Homer repeats Marge's screw up speech on loop. Afterward, they enjoy themselves by watching Anger Watkins and Skip Angry's Anger vs. Angry show.


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