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This is the face that launched one thousand ships....... The other way. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
Agnes Skinner as Helen of Troy

In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy (in Greek, Ἑλένη – Helénē), also known as Helen of Sparta, was the daughter of Zeus and Leda (or Nemesis), daughter of King Tyndareus, wife of Menelaus and sister of Castor, Polydeuces and Clytemnestra. Her abduction by Paris brought about the Trojan War.

Appearance on The Simpsons

In the episode "Tales from the Public Domain", while the suitors were complaining they'd been waiting too long Krusty pointed out that when Odysseus (Homer) left she was hot and now look at her and pointed to a very aged Helen of Troy portrayed by Agnes Skinner.

References in The Simpsons

The episode Lemon of Troy is named after her because in that episode Shelbyville had stolen the Lemon tree from Springfield & in the story Troy Stole Helen from the Gods. In A Fish Called Selma Troy McClure wanted to make a fragrance called "Smellin' of Troy".


Simp Episode – "Tales from the Public Domain"

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