Bongo, now renamed Hendrix, was a dog that was owned by Abraham Simpson.


The Simpson Tor Cur, with Love

Young Homer and Bongo

Bongo was always loyal to Homer since Homer was a baby. He knew exactly how to stop a young Homer from crying and became his best friend.

When Mr. Burns was appealing to the kids of Springfield to get his nuclear power plant built, he gave out Isotoads to the kids.

When Homer tried to give his to Bongo, Mr. Burns stopped him and Bongo bit Mr. Burns. After this, Burns sent Springfield Animal Control after Bongo to catch him and put him down.

Abe took Homer and Bongo to the farm of a neighbor, Miss Viola, to give Bongo to her to keep safe. Homer was heartbroken to find out that he was never going to see Bongo again and gave him his sweatshirt so that Bongo would always remember him forever.

A few months later, Homer went to rescue Bongo but found that he was now happy living at his new house, under the name "Hendrix." Homer was sad to find that Bongo had never forgotten him.

In the present day, Abe shows Homer a Christmas card from Miss Viola featuring Bongo. Homer was happy to see that Bongo was sleeping on his old sweatshirt and that he hadn't forgotten Homer.


  • Considering that the events of the episode occurred a long time ago, it is likely that Bongo is now deceased.
    • It is possible that he is still alive, but not likely, since Homer was a kid when he had Bongo, and Homer is now thirty-eight years old.
  • He is not to be confused with the character from Life in Hell, Bongo Comics, or Rover Hendrix from the episode "Homerpalooza."
  • Santa's Little Helper is the new replacement of Homer's old dog Hendrix.


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