Herman's Military Antiques (Formerly Pet Shop) is a war memorabilia store in downtown Springfield. In Bart the General, Bart enlists the help of Herman, the store's one-armed owner, in waging war on Nelson Muntz. In Old Money, Abe spends $400 of Beatrice Simmons's $106,000 inheritance on a hat that Napoleon supposedly wore. In Homer the Vigilante, Homer visited his store to look at weapons for his Vigilante group to use, including a miniature A-Bomb that was supposedly used by the US Government to blow away Beatnik groups during the fifties.

In a segment of Treehouse of Horror VIII, Homer is inspecting a bomb shelter on Herman's lot when Springfield is blown up. In 22 Short Films About Springfield, Chief Wiggum and Snake are held there at gunpoint by Herman. In the same episode, Kirk Van Houten reveals that, when he was young, Herman's Military Antiques was a pet shop.

In Homer Goes to Prep School, it serves as a base for the Preppers (people who believe that society could end at any moment).

Weapons and other Memorabelia

  • World War One German helmet
  • Rapier (with sheath)
  • Bat with a Nail through it
  • M9 Beretta
  • Smith and Wesson Handgun
  • Bazooka
  • Miniature A-Bomb
  • Flail
  • Musket
  • Bomb
  • Spear with a hook
  • Medal
  • World War II Helmet
  • Bullet Casings
  • Missiles
  • Bomb Shelter
  • Confederate Battle Flag
  • "Authentic" Nazi Underpants


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