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Hettie Mae Boggs is a character from the Season 27 episode "Gal of Constant Sorrow".


Bart was racing with his sled down a hill, but he lost control and jumped out, only for his sled to hit Hettie's shopping cart, throwing it and all her belongings into a frozen river. Feeling sorry, Bart invited Hettie to live on his closet for a small rent. Soon after, Lisa discovered Bart's scheme, but they convinced her to hide this as a secret, or otherwise, Hettie would be evicted.

Lisa and Bart also discovered Hettie's talent for singing, so Lisa decided to help her by organizing a show where she could get a bit of fame. However, during a radio interview, Hettie revealed that she is a drug addict, and she disappeared minutes before her show, leaving Lisa broken-hearted.

Homer and Bart managed to find her drinking on Cletus' farm and convinced her to go to the show, but it was already too late. Everyone was gone and Lisa was very angry at her, so she decided to sing one last song to reconcile with Lisa. At the ending of the episode, she's seen at a rehab clinic, singing to cover the interns' escape to Moe's Tavern.


Hettie is a medium height and heavily built lady. She has shoulder-length, scruffy grey hair streaked with silver-grey, square glasses, and dresses in a military jacket and a dress.


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