High to Be Loathed

High to Be Loathed is a song sung by Charles Montgomery Burns to convince Abe Simpson to be a wrestler again. It appeared in the episode "Gorgeous Grampa". The song was written by Allen Simpson and Matt Selman.


Mr. Burns:
Don't really care for chasing women.
Never was keen on booze.
Don't take cocaine or "Mary-Jane",
No, I get drunk on boos!
Eh, that's "b-o-o-s", not "z-e" as before.
Bart Simpson:
Uh... We get it...!
Mr. Burns:
You've got to love to be hated.
Find the good in being bad.
Oh, the crowd is full of gentlemen,
But they've paid to see the cad.
Yes it's a hoot, a kick, a gas,
When you're the villain of the show.
Once you wear black you never go back,
It's a high to be loathed.
Chucky, Stalin, Megatron,
Eric Cartman, Donkey Kong.
Vader, Nader, Simon Legree.
Terminators 1, 2 and 3.
Iago, Joker, Voldemort.
McEnroe on center court.
Mr. Burns and Skeletor,
Keep your good guys, what a snore.
When it's your head they wanna sever,
And your blood they wanna shed,
You know you're gonna live forever,
If everybody wants you dead.
So listen up because I've given,
The best advice you'll ever know.
So feel the thrill, I know you will,
It's a high to be loathed!


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