Hiram Simpson's house is a house where Hiram, Mabel and their daughter Eliza Simpson lived.


After escaping from the patrolmen, Eliza brought Colonel Burns' slave Virgil to their house. Hiram didn't want the slave in the house because it would get him in trouble with Colonel Burns. However, after tasting Virgil's 'cakes', Hiram swore that he would help Virgil escape to Canada for freedom.

Later, Colonel Burns came to the house to demand Hiram to tell him where Virgil was. Hiram said him that he had sworn an oath and could not tell. After Colonel Burns told Hiram that he would give him a pleasant surprise, Hiram almost told him where Virgil was hiding. Eliza stopped him but was silenced by Colonel Burns who told her that good girls were seen and not heard. Eliza then held her words, and walked away.

Hiram and Burns walked to the shed where Virgil was hiding, but after opening it, they saw Mabel with a shotgun. She and Virgil left Eliza with Hiram and escaped to Canada where they got married. It is unknown what has happened to the house by the events of the first season.


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