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Hockey Dad is a fighting game owned by Bart Simpson.


Bart and Milhouse played this game on a get-together, to which Bart won, just before Bart discovered a $1000 bill that blew into the house onto Milhouse's hair.


The premise of the game begins where one kid manages to score against the goalie of the opposite team as the alarm sounds. Afterwards, Mr. Shadowski will tell Mr. O'Bannon "Your kid sucks!" to the shock of the spectators, to which the other father then tells that dad to "bring it on." The parents then, with at least one round to fight, attempt to beat each other up with fists, kicks, throwing coffee, or whacking the opponent with a foldable chair or a briefcase, until one of the dads manage to take away enough of his opponent's health to start stomping on his face. One of the kids will also attempt to get the winning dad to stop as he doesn't want it to become murder, presumably as a gameplay mechanic to get the other opponent to get up. Apparently, the winning dad is implied to have killed the other dad, and is presumably arrested while grinning and doing a one-armed victory pose by two cops/security guards with the announcer shouting "You're a big man! BIG MAN!!"

This game actually exists and is playable on Newgrounds, just controls Mr. Chuck Shadowski with A S keys.[1]

Known Characters[]

Mr. Chuck Shadowski - played by Bart
Mr. O'Bannon - played by Milhouse

Behind the Laughter[]

Hockey Dad is an obvious parody of fighting video games. The term "hockey dad" was also famously associated with the Thomas Junta manslaughter case.