The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
Holidays of Future Passed
Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson
Homer: To prove a point, everyone thinks their dad's a jerk. And everyone's right. But, when you get older, you realize how much you love them. Your dad may be a little bit immature, but I know he loves you. So, you ought to give him a chance.

Apu: What do you want?! We're a cashless society!

(Waking up after falling asleep in mashed potatoes,Marge had just put a christmas hat on his head and he has a beard of mashed potatoes. He sees his reflection in a plate.)
Abe: I’m Santa? Oh, now, I’ll never die.

Bart: (thinking) Ha ha ha! I'll just dump 'em at my Mom's!
Bart's Elder Son: You know, we can hear thoughts now.
Bart: Damn it!

Milhouse: Lis, I’m afraid my seasonal allergies are kicking in.
Lisa: Oh, you poor thing. This is a tough time of year for someone who’s allergic to holly, mistletoe, the red part of candy cane.
Milhouse: I can’t believe we put a man on the sun, but we can't stop my sneezing, Achooo!

Bart: I can't believe she got married. I have no one. It's so hard to find somebody new.
Ned: Sure is. That's why after Homer accidentally killed Edna, I married Maude's ghost!
Maude's Ghost: There is no God, Neddy. It's just an empty, meaningless void.
Ned: (chuckles) Isn't she pretty?

Bart: The boys think I'm a lousy father.
Lisa: Aw. Poor Bart. My daughter thinks I'm a lousy mother.
Bart: Muhaha! Sorry.
Lisa: Meh. It's OK. But you know who took her side? Marge Bouvier Simpson.
Bart: Pft. What did she do?
Lisa: She told me to relax me bake cookies!
Bart: Did'ya bake some?
Lisa: Yes, and they were some of the best cookies ever made in this house- But THAT IS NOT THE POINT!

Selma's Lovebot: No, Selma. Even a robot made only to love you cannot love you. I am running off with your sister's Concu-droid.

Homer: [touched the boys have forgiven Bart] If those boys can forgive their train wreck of a father, maybe I can forgive...
[Homer de-freezes Abe]
Abe: You quit drinking like a coward, the one thing you were good at...
[Homer re-freezes Abe and then de-freezes him]
Grampa: Lawn chair-breaking...
[Homer re-freezes Abe and then de-freezes him]
Grampa: Hair-losing...
[Homer re-freezes Abe and then de-freezes him]
Grampa: Marge-loving...
[Homer re-freezes Abe and then de-freezes him]
Grampa: Barometer dropping
[Homer re-freezes Abe and then de-freezes him]
Grampa: Father freezing.
[Homer re-freezes Abe and then de-freezes him]
Grampa: But you'd always come and get me when I wandered out on the freeway. Because deep down you couldn't stand to see me smooshed.
[Homer and Abe reconcile]

[at the hospital]
Hospital Administrator: Sorry, but there's no room at the in-patient facility.
Kearney: Lady, this is Maggie Simpson, she just played a sold-out show in Beijing!
Hospital Administrator: A star in the east... let me see... We do have a little room in the manger. I mean, mangier wing.
[Maggie shakes her head yes]

[After Thanksgiving dinner, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are stuffed from eating]

Bart: [takes off his belt, letting his stomach expand, and groans]

Lisa: [takes off her pearl necklace, letting her neck expand, and sighs in relief]

Maggie: [unstraps her diaper, letting her belly expand and smiles, before taking out her pacifier, and burps loudly]

Homer: [appears from under the table] I'll never eat turkey again. Marge! We got any ham?

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