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Hollis Hurlbut is the curator of the Springfield Historical Society.


While showing Lisa around the museum, she finds a secret confession revealing that Jebediah Springfield was a fraud. Lisa brings this to Hurlburt, who "bans her and her children and her children's children" before deciding "for three months." Later, the town board digs up the skeleton of Springfield to prove there is no silver tongue. Hurlburt, who pries the coffin open, finds it and is shocked. Realizing that his entire career has been based upon a criminal, he pockets it before the dust can settle. Lisa eventually confronts him and decides to bring the truth forward. However, Lisa has a change of heart and keeps the truth secret, explaining to Hurlbut that the good myth of Jebidiah had brought out the pride in everyone and that exposing the truth will only destroy it. Realizing that Lisa is right, Hurlbut accepts this and keeps it a secret.


  • Hollis has Facebook and appears to be friends with Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Hollis was caught after discovering that he was behind the mystery of Jebediah's silver tongue.

Behind the Laughter

Hollis and Hurlbut are the names of two freshman dormitories at Harvard.