Homar Sampsan is the Sampsan family counterpart of Homer Simpson who appeared in the Don Hertzfeldt couch gag. He is a octopus-like alien who can only speak monotone and can say "D'oh" repetitvely.


After Homer travels into the future with his TV remote, he starts experiencing strange changes in both himself and his environment. He ends up as Homar Sampsan in the year of 10,535 on Septembar 36.4th, and is now an octopus-like alien.

After saying "D'oh" a few times, he calls over the rest of the Sampsan family to meet him at the kitchen cube. He floats over to the kitchen cube, and the rest of the family meets him there. Homar listens what they have to say; Leezuh says "I am Simpson!" repetitively, Brt says "Don't! Don't have cow, man!" repetitively, and Marj says "All hail the dark lord of the twin moons!". Brt and Leezuh keep bickering while Maagi floats down onto the cube, where she shape-shifts into her alternative alien form and says, "Make purchase of the merchandise!".

Homar then realizes that he has memories, causing everything to change again as him and the Sampsan family go into the future. First, Homar is in the 20.254'th episode of The Simpsons, where he and Marj are depicted as their heads connected to robot legs. He gets his head patted by Marj while she says to him, "Still love you, Homar". Then, he's in the 37,211.4th episode, where he, along with the rest of the Sampsan family, are polygonal shapes while saying, "We are happy family" in unison. Finally, he's in the 100,411.2nd episode, where he and Marj are mutated monsters while Marj says, "I will never forget you" to him.

Suddenly, Homar is back to the day of Septembar 36.4th, 10,535, where the rest of his family is still bickering and Marj says, "All animals can scream!". After Leezuh and Brt finally stop bickering, Homar lets out a sad D'oh.


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