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"Home Away from Homer" is the twentieth episode of Season 16.


Ned hasn't been doing too well at the Leftorium ever since LeftMart opened, so Marge suggests that he rent out one of his rooms, which he does, to two girls from the local community college. However, the two girls have a sideline of their own; a webcam of their bedroom ( - and, at the time the episode first aired, the link worked, pointing to a site with drawings of the two girls), which soon becomes a town hit. When Marge finds out, she drags Homer (literally, by the ear) to Ned, who discovers the truth and realizes that he can't trust anyone in Springfield any more. There is one place he can go; Humbleton, Pennsylvania, the home of the Humble Figurines that he collects.

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Lisa is sitting on her bed in her room with her saxophone listening to a radio on Sunday morning. A broadcaster mentions that she is giving away free tickets to a movie called Kosova Autumn. The lady was about to mention a fake name, until Lisa rang (which shocked her).

Ned was looking after Maggie while the Simpson family was at the Limited Appeal Theatre and showed his doll collection to her. Over 300 of his dolls were destroyed (thanks to Homer), Marge returns to pick up Maggie, and wishes to give money to him. However, he rejects the offer.

But after financial trouble inspires Ned to rent his rumpus room to a pair of college aged women for "studying". While surfing the internet, Bart and Milhouse burst out laughing when they discover that not only are the two women are actually and secretly running a soft-core porn site via web cam from their room, but Ned also can be seen in the background completing mundane tasks, somehow not noticing the tasteless behavior occurring through the open door.

Homer upon seeing what Bart and Milhouse are watching is originally infuriated that at the age of 10 Bart is watching porn, but his reaction quickly changes when Bart points out Ned in the background brushing his teeth completely oblivious to what was going on. Homer also finds it hilarious and decides to spread the word of hot women and his ignorant neighbor throughout the town.

When Marge discovers that the two women are at the Flanders house, she forces Homer (by dragging him to Ned at his front door) to inform Ned of the charade. Ned immediately evicts the two women but the damage has already been done as Homer has spread the word to everyone in town. Ned becomes the laughing stock of Springfield and his security and trust have been severely damaged since not a single person in town planned to tell him about the inappropriate behavior happening under his nose and instead chose to laugh at him behind his back.

Due to the humiliation and newfound distrust of the townspeople, without telling anyone Ned has his family pack their bags and leave the city. Homer later feels guilty having been the one to originally tell everybody and arrives at Ned’s front door equipped with a gift basket full of cookies, only to find the Flanders have moved to their dream town, “Humbleton, PA – Home of the Humble Figurines”.

A place were every other citizen is quite literally chubby and apple cheeked, originally finding the place to be great, Ned, Rod and Todd soon get tired of it when the town starts persecuting him for little things like having a mustache (forcing him to wear a medical mask because he refused to shave it) shaking milk off his lip and leaving his mailbox flag up halfway.

Some time after Flanders moved, an unruly neighbor moves in to Springfield and starts to pick on Homer, blaring music at the break of dawn, siphoning gas from Homer's car and just all around picking on Homer and his family. Eventually, it becomes too much for Homer to bare and he goes to Humbleton to beg Ned to leave the now-not-so-ideal town and return to Springfield. Ned chooses to give everyone another chance and moves back to Springfield (despite Rod protesting that he now had a girlfriend).

At first the neighbor refuses to leave even after Ned points out the $200,000 check the new neighbor had given him bounced when he tried to deposit it so the house still belonged to Ned. The new neighbor then tries to punch Ned. However, Ned easily fights back and shoves him to the ground where Homer then smashes a wooden chair over his back for picking on him and disturbing his family.

Once Ned has moved back in, Homer and the rest of Springfield show Ned that they can do good upon him as well by bringing the church organ to his back yard and throwing a party to welcome him back.


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