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Home Hypnotism

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Homer Simpson

Home Hypnotism is the thirty-ninth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show February 19, 1989. In This Short, Homer and Marge hypnotize the kids with disastrous results


One Day, While Marge is knitting, Homer comes in saying they can use hypnosis to try to make Bart, Lisa, and Maggie behave. Marge disagrees at first, but once Homer shows her their children, she changes her mind. When Homer and Marge try to hypnotise their kids, they think it works, as the kids are faking it by acting like zombies. Once Bart, Lisa, and Maggie get back up off the ground, Marge says they will never try to modify their behavior again. Immediately the children are back to normal as Bart chucks a ball at Homer, causing Marge to exclaim "go get that watch again!"


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