Homer's Doomsday equation is an equation that Homer wrote to find out the end of the world. In order to find out what day the Rapture will be, Homer makes an equation after reading all the books on the subject in Gospel for Less. He makes an error in his first calculation - there were 13 people at the Last Supper, not twelve.


12-333x666=(axb2)>2=7(2+2b2)-144,000-0=3 15 05 18


On May 18, the selected hour went past. Homer threw out all his astrology material, but kept his Last Supper painting. He counted the people in the painting and realized he missed Jesus, and that meant his prediction was 12 hours early. That hour passed, but four seconds later, he was floating through space naked up to Heaven. A tour guide dressed him and Homer then changed the TV to channel 23, showing his family suffering. Homer asked God to turn back time, and he did so, returning him to his family.


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