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  • When Homer reverses into Frank Grimes' car, there is a sign showing the parking space is reserved for Frank Grimes. Next to it is a sign that says 'Reserved for LENNY', which omits his surname.
  • This is one of Matt Groening's favorite episodes.
  • Hank Azaria based the voice of Frank Grimes partially on William H. Macy, who would guest star as himself in "Homer's Paternity Coot".
  • Frank Grimes states that Homer has the intelligence of a six year old.
  • This is also the highest rated episode of the series.
  • This is one of the few times at all that Homer actually was pleased about his Grammy (most of the time, he talks badly about the Grammys, such as in "The Mansion Family").
  • This is the highest rated Simpsons episode on IMDB, getting a 9.3/10.


  • Lenny and Carl have master's degrees, but Homer's degree, which he earned in "Homer Goes to College", is not mentioned; Homer did not complete a degree because Mr. Burns just had him take Nuclear Physics 101 to comply with the inspectors' requirement that Homer have college-level training in nuclear physics.
  • Homer shows Grimes his pictures and his Grammy, which reference numerous previous episodes:


Lenny's beard far below his nose

  • As Lenny discusses how Homer didn't need a degree to get his job, his beard is drawn too low down for a frame.
  • When the sulphuric acid dissolves the wall, a piece of the wall is dissolved only to somehow appear again.

Marge with smooth hair on the top

  • Bart removes two of the three safety signs on the staircase in the factory. Then, the third one vanishes on its own.
  • Lenny states that Homer started working at the plant on the day it opened. However, this is impossible since Homer applied for the job in 1980 in "I Married Marge", when the plant was already open (the plant opened in 1968 when Homer was twelve).

Charlie with the wrong glasses color

  • The close up of Homer opening the door for Frank Grimes depicts a purple doorknob, but the next shot shows the doorknob as blue.
  • As Marge urges Homer to face his fear of Frank Grimes, the top of her hair is smooth and lacks the curls that it usually has.

Marge's hair in front of the car's windshield

  • Later in the same scene, the top of Marge's hair is drawn in front the top of the car's windshield, when it should be behind it since she is inside the car.

The cup behind the platform on the coffee machine

  • At one point, Sarah Wiggum is seen in the audience at the power plant model contest. Unusually, she is not wearing lipstick.
  • In a far shot of the audience at the power plant model contest, the lenses of Charlie's glasses are white instead of aqua.
  • For a frame, when Milhouse is trying to get coffee from the machine, the cup is drawn behind the platform which it is supposed to stand on.
  • When Lenny talks about his and Carl's degrees, his beard is off of his face for a frame.

Charlie with clear glasses

  • During Frank Grimes' funeral, the Simpsons move from the second row of seats to the front row.
  • Also during the funeral, in a faraway shot Charlie's glasses aren't filled in so that they are just his skin color.
  • At the contest, Chief Wiggum is heard but not seen. Even if he was, he would be sitting next to his wife Sarah, who is seen in the audience. Hank Azaria adlibbed the line.

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