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Homer's Hunting Club is a hunting club that Homer operated in the episode Homer the Moe. It was built so Homer could legally serve drinks in his garage.

The Hunting Club Bar[]

S13e03 (01)

Part of the Bar

The rock band R.E.M. performed in the bar because Homer tricked them into thinking that he was a millionaire. The bar consists of a desk on the right side and a urinal at the back. Homer said that it was his bar even though he did almost no work in running it and just sat and drank with his friends. Marge, Bart, and Lisa work in the bar, with Marge serving as the barkeep, Bart cleaning the beer mugs, and Lisa cutting lemons which Homer doesn't even use.


Homer's Hunting Club has only gone hunting once because Moe said that any hunting club must engage in the sport of hunting. While Homer was hunting he accidentally shot Moe making them friends again.


Homer's first strategy to shoot a turkey was to put down a plate and expect the turkey to just walk on it. After Lisa asks him "do you really think the turkey is just going to get on the plate?" Homer replies "I would."

The second strategy Homer used was to crawl around with a sniper until he finds a turkey. This almost worked as he found the turkey and was just about to shoot it when Moe scared it away using a cougar call.


Simp Episode – "Homer the Moe"