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Homer's RV is a motor home that Homer bought.


Homer's reason for buying the RV was because he needed a castle where he could be king. He also wanted to get away from the house because Marge was panicking about money due to Homer's not having insurance.

The RV quickly became a point of contention between Homer and Marge as they started living apart (Homer in the RV and Marge in the house) and struggled to win the kids' loyalty. Bart and Lisa enjoyed the RV as it was fairly large. The table turned into a bed which Lisa liked, but Bart chose to sleep in a bread compartment, saying it was way better.

Eventually Bart and Lisa realized what the RV was doing to their parents' relationship, and they stole it to return it to the dealer (and thus end their parents' conflict). They got onto the freeway by accident and ended up jumping off an unfinished truck ramp onto a container ship. Marge persuaded the ship captain to turn around and use a cargo crane to put the RV on a pier, but the pier collapsed and the RV sank into the harbor.



  • Homer refers to the RV as a car he could go to the bathroom in.
  • Homer bought the RV from Bob's RV Round-Up, the same dealership that sold him a crappy RV in the first season.


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