Marge Simpson in: A Recipe for Disaster
Homer's Run
The Secret Origin of Sideshow Mel
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Simpsons Comics Stories 151-200/Credits
Simpsons Comics
Greek to Me:Aesop's Fables/Credits | Simpson-Sideshow Sibling Smackdown/Credits | Marge Simpson in: A Recipe for Disaster/Credits | Homer's Run/Credits | The Secret Origin of Sideshow Mel/Credits | Day of the Nerd/Credits | Bummer Vacation/Credits Laughter is the Worst Medicine/Credits | Down Home Doctorin' Time, with Dr. Hibbert/Credits | The Permanent Record Room! Pranks, But No Pranks!/Credits | The Permanent Record Room! And The Beatings Go On!/Credits | The Permanent Record Room! Truant or False?/Credits | The Permanent Record Room! What About If... Skinner Was Scottish?/Credits | Bard Boiled:Antony and Cleopatra/Credits | Bard Boiled:Julius Caesar/Credits | Bard Boiled:Henry V/Credits | Bard Boiled:Romeo and Juliet/Credits | Bard Boiled:The Two Gentlemen of Verona/Credits | Bard Boiled:Richard III/Credits | Bard Boiled:Itchy & Scratchy in Titus Andronicus/Credits | Bard Boiled:King Lear/Credits | The Many Faces of Bob/Credits | Homer vs. The Raccoon/Credits | Homer vs. The Raccoon II/Credits | The Buck Stops Everywhere/Credits | Homer For The Holidays:Bart the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Credits | Homer For The Holidays:Frostee the Snowmom/Credits | Homer For The Holidays:The Gift of the Maggie/Credits | Homer For The Holidays:Jingle Bells, Bartman Smells/Credits | Homer For The Holidays:Tree's Company/Credits | All Fired Up/Credits| Lisa Simpson's Book Club:Rhyme of the Middle-Aged Mariner/Credits | Lisa Simpson's Book Club:The Little Engine That Couldn't Care Less/Credits | Lisa Simpson's Book Club:Little Women/Credits | Lisa Simpson's Book Club:The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Kwik-E-Mart Employees/Credits | Lisa Simpson's Book Club:The Lion, The Wardrobe, and the Snow Queen/Credits | Lisa Simpson's Book Club:Lisa Longsocks/Credits | Lisa Simpson's Book Club:Something Pretty Bad This Way Is Coming!/Credits Ned the Simpson/Credits | Lisa Goes to Camp/Credits | The Homer Effect/Credits | How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Lisa Simpson To Hell and Back by Bart Simpson/Credits | Homer Simpson in Brain Drain/Credits | The Principal of the Thing/Credits | The Simpson Family Circus/Credits | ...Crap That No One Wanted./Credits | Yellow Crush/Credits | Hail to the Cat/Credits | Who's Who in the New Revolutionary War?/Credits | Plaid to the Bone!/Credits

Ian Boothby                                                                             Script.

Luis Escobar                                                                           Pencils.

Steve Steere, Jr.                                                                           Inks.

Art Villanueva                                                                               Colors.

Karen Bates                                                                             Letters. 

Bill Morrison                                                                              Editor.  

Matt Groening                                                                            Fully Vested.

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