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Homer's Clones were created when Homer purchased a magic hammock which he discovered was capable of making clones of himself.


Homer, being very lazy, used the hammock to make dozens of clones that he used to do his chores, but one of the clones, misunderstanding Homer's directions, cut off Ned Flanders' head with his chainsaw. Horrified, Homer dumped them all in a corn field, along with the magic hammock, but they used it to multiply themselves and began devouring everything in Springfield. Presumably, they then would then leave Springfield and then head to the rest of the world.

The military decided to use giant doughnuts to lure them over a cliff and kill them. The plan appeared to work as most of the clones died, but then it was revealed that the real Homer had been the first one over the cliff and had been replaced by a clone.

Presumably, this clone was smarter than the others, as while it spoke grammatically incorrectly, it did not fall for the military's trap.


  • Among the crowd of clones are the original design of Homer (used in the Ullman shorts), King-Size Homer and smart Homer (HOMЯ) as well as Peter Griffin from Family Guy, referencing the similarities between the two beloved main heroic protagonists.