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Homer, I Hardly Knew Me is Homer's autobiography. He keeps several boxes of unsold copies in the attic.


Homer, I Hardly Knew Me appears only in The Thing and I segment of "Treehouse of Horror VII". When Bart and Lisa try to locate a noise they heard in their bedrooms at night, later revealed to be Hugo, Bart's non-canonical twin brother. They checked up in the attic of the house and stumbled upon Homer's unsold copies of Homer, I Hardly Knew Me.

This book also appears in The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield at the non-fiction section of the library.

Behind the laughter

The title is a reference to Germaine Greer's 1989 biography of her father, Daddy, We Hardly Knew You, which was borrowed in turn from the 19th century Irish folk song "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye".


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