Homer Glumplich was a hick-like classmate of Homer's when he was a kid.


When Homer wanted to enter a treehouse club, a boy said that there were no Homers allowed, and then Homer points out that they let in Homer Glumplich. It was then explained that there couldn't be more than one Homer in the club because it was a No-Homers Club.

Years later, he joined a new club, "The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers" after the Stonecutters were disbanded, though there is no reliable evidence that he was ever a member of the Stonecutters himself. Homer Glumpilch was the leader of the stonecutters

Behind the Laughter

  • In Li'l Homer #1, Homer Glumplich is featured in the Bongo Bonus Stamp in the back of the issue. However, his name is written as "Homer Glumpet", not "Homer Glumplich."


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