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  • When Lisa accidentally gets paint on Patty's hair, Patty's dress is pink, but when Bart pours Paint Thinner on it, it is blue.
  • The paint brush has pink paint on, but Lisa needs yellow and blue to paint Bart on her picture.
  • Bart says his birthday is too close to Christmas, however, Bart's birthday is April 1. This made more sense in the Spanish version in which his birthday is December 28th.
  • Patty has a cigar in her mouth. But when Homer wakes her up, the cigar disappears.
  • Homer removes the corn curtains from the window. But when he finish cut Lindsay Neagle's hair, the corn curtains are seen twice, one on his hands and the other in the window.
  • When Marge asks "Homie, are you listening to me?" Maggie is next to Homer. But in the next scene, she disappears. Then she reappears in the next scene.
  • When the unnamed woman enters Homer's salon, her cap is blue. But when she talks to Homer, her cap is orange.
  • When Doctor Hibbert is introduced, Manjula's hair has its normal look, but when Marge lies that Julio made her hair, it looks the way that Homer had done it.
  • Luann Van Houten is seen in the background when everyone is gasping, in the next scene, however, she is close to Marge and Homer.
  • In the credits, Kristen Schaal's last name is misspelled "Schall". In 500 Keys, the Chalkboard gag is Bart apologizing for this error.
  • When Homer is at Moe's, there is a car in front of the tavern identical to Homer's sedan, but it is purple instead of pink. It's unknown if it is a coloring error or another person's car.
  • Chief Wiggum tells Homer to do Sarah's hair for the policeman's ball that night. However, several scenes later we see the daylight sky while Lisa is following Milhouse and Taffy before the policeman's ball.
  • A flashback reveals that Homer brushed his own hair out as a teenager; however, "And Maggie Makes Three" shows that Homer tore his hair out when Marge was pregnant with Bart and Lisa.
    • Leading into that flashback, Homer says that being able to cut hair is a natural talent he acquired due to losing his own and not wanting others to feel the same way he did, yet in "A Milhouse Divided" he attempted to style Marge's hair and it looked terrible.

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