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The Homer Shake couch gag is the eleventh couch gag of Season 24. It is also a song that is sung by Homer and is a parody of the "Harlem Shake" song.


The Simpson family do their own version of the Harlem Shake, known as the Homer Shake.

The Simpson family is already seated on the couch as the "Homer Shake" song begins. Maggie Simpson is wearing a helmet and is on top of the couch dancing to the song, while the rest of the family are unaware of Maggie and are doing their usual hobbies; Homer Simpson just sits there and drinks his beer every once in a while, Marge Simpson is knitting, Lisa Simpson is reading, and Bart Simpson is playing his video game.

When the bass drops, the camera cuts to the family, where the rest of them are now convulsively dancing to the song while going crazy; Maggie is still dancing with the helmet on, Homer is only in his underwear and is beating his chest like Tarzan, Marge is doing push-ups, Lisa is dancing while wearing a big mask of her head, and Bart is dancing while dressed as Bartman.

Eventually, many recurring characters from the series appear and are convulsively dancing while acting crazy to the song besides the family. Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson are in a karate match, Cletus Spuckler is making music with his moonshine bottle by blowing into it, Barney Gumble is dancing holding three cups of beer, Charles Montgomery Burns is dancing while wearing a fur coat and hat, Grampa Abraham Simpson is acting like he has a heart attack while wearing his army uniform, Comic Book Guy is practicing his superhero moves, Jonathan Frink is dancing while holding chemistry beakers, Duffman is doing his pelvic thrusts, Otto Mann is grooving while holding up glow sticks and wearing a glow stick necklace and pacifier, Selma Bouvier and Patty Bouvier are doing the tango, Sideshow Mel is straddling a wooden hobby horse and wearing a cowboy costume, Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby is doing an erotic dance while wearing only a thong and a "Sexy Mayor" sash, Disco Stu is doing sit-ups, Moe Szyslak is rolling in a physical restraint, Principal Seymour Skinner is hopping on a pogo stick, Waylon Smithers is doing cartwheels, Chief Clancy Wiggum is hand standing, Nelson Muntz is hitting a double bass against the wall, Superintendent Gary Chalmers is doing a Saturday Night Fever-like dance, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is juggling Nabendu Nahasapeemapetilon, Sashi Nahasapeemapetilon and Sandeep Nahasapeemapetilon, Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon is tap-dancing, Rainier Wolfcastle is hula-hooping, Dr. Julius Hibbert is doing the moonwalk, Dolph Starbeam and Martin Prince are doing a ballroom dance, Eddie and Lou are 80s roller disco dancing, Jimbo Jones, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Milhouse Van Houten and Mr. Teeny are chicken fighting, Santa's Little Helper is chasing Snowball V, Itchy and Scratchy are hitting each other in the heads with baseball bats, Sea Captain Horatio McCallister is doing a pirate dance, Sideshow Bob is doing the worm, The Rich Texan is twirling a lasso, Kent Brockman is riding around on a unicycle, Snake Jailbird is dacing holding money bags, Ned Flanders, Todd Flanders and Rod Flanders are disco dancing, Cookie Kwan is doing kung fu, Gil Gunderson is riding on a motorcycle, Groundskeeper Willie is riding a kiddie ride tractor, Timothy Lovejoy is playing the bongos on his cheeks, Helen Lovejoy is literally tumbling around, Ralph Wiggum is hung up on one of the fan blades, Krusty the Clown is grooving while throwing five pies, Edna Krabappel is swinging on a chain, Nick Riviera is running in place, Jacqueline Bouvier is dancing while wearing a ballgown, Lindsey Naegle is dancing like she owns the dance floor, Bumblebee Man is flapping his arms like a bird while squatting up and down and kicking out his legs, Hans Moleman is riding around in a motorized wheelchair, Luigi Risotto is dancing while wearing a bowler hat and a tuxedo, Eleanor Abernathy dances while holding two of her cats, Fit-Fat Tony, Louie, and Legs are dancing on a dance mat, Elizabeth Hoover is breakdancing, Agnes Skinner and Jeremy Freedman are doing a trapeze act, Luann Van Houten swings her body back and forth while swinging her arms and kicking her heels, Kirk Van Houten swings his arms back and forth while hopping on his feet, Dewey Largo is playing an electric guitar, Kang and Kodos are grooving, The Grumple is head spinning, and Surly Duff is dancing.

This continues for a few more seconds before the song ends.

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