Bart Has Two Mommies
Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife
Million-Dollar Abie
(after Homer moons the camera)
Producer: Uhhh! We'd better pixellate those!
Cameraman: There aren't enough pixels in the world!
Producer: Yeah, umm, just cover it with Ryan Seacrest's head.

Homer: If I have enough strength, I'll take you up to the TV and show you how thin it is.

Carl: Ain't no party like a Lenny party, 'cause a Lenny party don't stop! (looks at his watch) Oh man, I've got work tomorrow. See ya.

Lisa: I've seen this same show on a different network.
Fox Executive: (stares at her nervously) Here, have a FOX sweatshirt.
Lisa: (puts it on and looks on the back) This is an ABC sweatshirt.
Executive: Yes, and it zips up all the way up! (zips up the sweatshirt, muffling Lisa's shouts, and sending her into a cage with a woman performing in front of two men in there)

Lisa: I don't understand, Dad. Our family has so many flaws, why must we share them with the world?
Homer: Because we'll be on TV! And earn enough money to buy a TV! TV!
Lisa: But, Dad!
Homer: Yes, TV-sa?
Lisa: Ergh, forget it.

Lenny: (tossing matches on the floor) Beat it. This is my alone time.

Verity: Charles hasn't satisfied me in years.
Homer: Yeah, that's how I feel about Notre Dame football.

Charles: You're leaving me for him?
Homer: So it would appear. However, Cousin Itt there was born a woman.
Patty: What brought us together is how much we hate you!
Homer: Okay then. I'll just vote "no" on Prop 38 so you can't adopt! (Patty twists Homer's arm) Ooooowwww! Kidding! I don't vote! The voting place is up the hill and I never make it! (Patty twists Homer's arm harder)

Sideshow Mel: I've never seen a picture so highly-defined!

Brandine: Can you believe it, Cletus? Another party and we can't go.
Cletus: Yeah, just 'cause we's afraid to use an uppity-box.

Tour Guide: Look, there's Dan Castellaneta from The Tracey Ullman Show.
Homer: (leaning out of the tour guide tram) Hey funny man! Say something funny!
Dan Castellaneta: Please don't lean out of the tram, sir, you might get hurt.
Homer: (childish imitating Castelleneta) Oh! Don't lean out of the tram! (he then gets hit by a gold statue of Mischa Barton)

Homer: Marge, thank God you're home! She made me spend time with the kids! And not just TV time. Talking time!

lyrics to "Picture in Picture" sung by Homer:
You make me laugh, you make me cry
Without you I'd just want to die
For the rest of my life you'll be a fixture
Now let me enjoy your picture in picture.

lyrics to "Lady Blue" sung by Charles:
Lady when you came to me, I was feeling blue
Blue just like your hair, you see
Blue just like the moon
But only when the moon is blue
And not when it is cream
And now that you are here with me
I am in a dream
(In normal voice) Oh, yeah, Marge, your dreams can come true.
Lady, when you go away
I feel like I could die
Not like dye like your hair is dye
But die like Lady Di
And not like Di like her name is Di
But die like when she died
But lady just like Lady Di
Be my princess tonight
But don't die
Don't die.

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