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Homer Simpson I is, according to Abe, an adventurer on the high seas. He was a whaler. He is Abe's great-great-grandfather, Homer's great-great-great-grandfather, Marge's great-great-great-grandfather-in-law, and Bart, Lisa and Maggie's great-great-great-great-grandfather.


He participated in a history by Abe in which he tells how he became heroic for Bart, Lisa and Homer. After that Lisa wanted to know if there was a hero in the Simpsons.

The story begins with Homer one day was in charge of melting down the chunk of whale blobber into oil in a whaling ship, everything was fine until Homer accidentally put his finger in his mouth and instantly he developed a taste for the stuff and had to get bigger and bigger doses to satisfy his cravings. After the other member of the ship found out that he had eaten up large portion of the food determined Captain Burns at he should get tie to the mast. Moby Dick appeared up and Homer was eager to take a bite out of him and managed to get away and he stuck in Moby Dick, who disappeared with him. Moby Dick dragged him to the Bermuda Triangle and he disappeared forever. And since Homer was attaced to the wahle's tail, was he the first person to vanish in the Bermuda Triangle. Lisa believe that story can not be true, but Bart does not care.



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