The Homer Simpson Dashboard Driver is a talking dashboard figure based on the character Homer Simpson made by Gemmy Industries in 2004. It features a figure of Homer screaming standing on a black circular pedestal. When activated by either pushing the button, or activating the sensor by movement of a vehicle, homer says many road rage comments.

Homer Simpson Dashboard Driver

List of sayings

-"Why don't you come here and say that, huh? That's what I thought! Turn your walker around and hobble away, Granny!"

-"Oh, why do slow people have to be in front of me?"

-"Oh, why do fast people have to be behind me?"

-"Ah, nothing like a nice drive in the country to clear your head and sooth your...(Snores)...wha...I'm up! I'm up!"

-"Yeah, yeah, quit your waving! I'll move to the intersection when I'm good and ready, officer!"

-"Car turning into Krusty burger!!"

-"Your child might be an honest student, buy you're a moron!"

-What is this? National stupid drivers day?"

-"Hey, watch it! You don't own the road!"

-"Red light turn! Now! Right now! Okay, now! (gasp) It worked!"

Other models

Santa Homer- phrases

Underwear homer- phrases

Mr. Burns- phrases

Krusty- phrases and sings his version of Superfreak

fur coat Mr. Burns- phrases and sings For the love of money

Hula Homer- phrases and sings Tiny Bubbles

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