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José Canseco is walking by a burning house when he hears a baby crying.
Woman: My baby!
José Canseco: Don't worry, ma'am, I'll save your baby!
José Canseco runs into burning house and emerges with baby.
Woman: Thank you!
Cat mewling is heard.
Woman: My cat!
José Canseco: Never fear, ma'am, I'll save your cat!
José Canseco runs into burning house and emerges with cat.
Woman: Thank you Mr. Canseco!
"Camptown Races" is heard.
Woman: My player piano!
José Canseco: Oh, man!

Springfield Hospital. Dr. Hibbert is using a Geiger counter on a sick Mike Scioscia.
Dr. Hibbert: Er, Mike, try to lift your arm.
Mike Scioscia: Can't... lift arm... or speak... at... normal... rate
Dr. Hibbert: Now son, it looks like you have acute radiation poisoning.
Mike Scioscia: Will... I... be.. able.. to.. play... softball... tomorrow?
Dr. Hibbert: (laughs) No, by tomorrow you'll barely be able to breath!
Mike Scioscia: Oh... man...
Nurse: Doctor, come quick! Ken Griffey, Jr. needs your help immediately; it looks like an overdose of nerve tonic.
Dr. Hibbert sees Ken Griffey, Jr. in a wheelchair with an enlarged cranium.
Dr. Hibbert: Oh my lord, gigantism!

(Wade Boggs is arguing in Moe's Tavern with a drunken Barney Gumble)
Barney: And I say England's greatest Prime Minister was Lord Palmerston!
Wade Boggs: Pitt the Elder!
Barney: Lord Palmerston!
Boggs: Pitt the Elder!!
Barney: Okay, you asked for it, Boggs!
(Barney knocks Boggs out)
Moe: Yeah, that's showing him, Barney! Heh, Pitt the Elder.
Barney: Lord Palmerston!!!
(Barney knocks Moe out too)

Mr. Burns: No, Smithers, I've decided to bring in a few ringers. Professional baseballers. We'll give them token jobs at the plant and have them play on our softball team. Honus Wagner, Cap Anson, Mordecai "3-Finger" Brown...
Smithers: Sir?
Mr. Burns: What is it, Smithers?
Smithers: I'm afraid all those players have retired and... passed on. In fact, your right fielder has been dead for 130 years.
Mr. Burns: Damnation! Alright, find me some good players. LIVING players! Scour the professional ranks. The American League, the National League, the Negro League!
---- ----
[All the kids are shouting Pick Me! So Ralph and Bart can choose their teams for their own softball game]
Ken Griffey Jr.: Pick Me! Pick Me!
Ralph: I pick Ken Griffey Jr..
Bart: Aw, geez. Okay, I pick, Milhouse.
[Wade Boggs walks by]
Ralph: Hey Mr. Boggs, will you be on my team?
Wade Boggs: You got yourself a player. [He goes over the fence]
Bart: Damn. Okay, I pick. Lewis.
[José Canseco walks towards the boys for the game]
Ralph: I'll take José Canseco.
Bart: D'oh!

(Don Mattingly returns to the field wearing a mohawk hairdo after Mr. Burns asked him to shave off his sideburns, which never existed in the first place.)
Mr. Burns: (gasps) Mattingly! I thought I told you to trim those sideburns! GO HOME!!! YOU'RE OFF THE TEAM, FOR GOOD!!!
Don Mattingly: Fine! (to himself) I still like him better than Steinbrenner.

Mr. Burns: What about Clemens?
Smithers: Sir, he's in no condition to play.
(Camera pans out to reveal he's clucking like a chicken)
Mr. Burns: That damn hypnotist! (storming over to him) YOU! Look what you've done! My starting pitcher thinks he's a chicken! Make no mistake, I'm going to report this to the American Hypnotical Association!
Hypnotist: (using his pendulum on Burns) But I did a job... A good job...
Mr. Burns: Oh well. I guess it's not your fault. You did a good job.
Homer's Brain: [When listening to Mr Burns' softball rambling] Uh oh I don't like what he's saying, I wish I was at home with a bag of potato chips, mmmm... Potato Chips [drools].

Hypnotist: You will give 110 percent.
Players: That's impossible. No one can give more than 100 percent. By definition that is the most anyone can give.

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