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Homer the Father
The Blue and the Gray

"Homer the Father" is the twelfth episode of Season 22.


Homer becomes addicted to an 80's family show and starts behaving like the series' father. Bart wants a minibike and asks Homer for it, and it ends up as a reject. So Bart plans to sell SNPP secrets to China in exchange for the minibike.

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Homer becomes obsessed with a family sitcom and begins to mimic the show's father. Behaving like it, Homer does not give Bart a mini-bike that he wants to get. Bart then realizes that he could sell secrets about the nuclear power plant with other countries. He agrees to sell them to China in exchange for a minibike. For gaining access to the Nuclear Plant's PCs, Bart begins doing typical father-son activities with Homer, eventually leading up to Homer bringing Bart to work. When Homer falls asleep, Bart goes around the plant downloading information onto a USB-flash drive. After Bart leaves the flash drive with the downloaded data at the Zoo and takes the bike, Homer reveals to him that he did buy the minibike too, for being such a good child. Bart, feeling terrible for betraying his country rushes back to the zoo in attempt to recover the flash drive. There he meets the Chinese agents again who are threatening to kill him if he does not collaborate. Homer steps in and offers himself as he has a lifetime of Nuclear experience. In China, he is leading the construction of a nuclear power plant, which explodes right after the grand opening ceremony.



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