Flaming Moe
Homer the Father
The Blue and the Gray
Homer: I never thought of fatherhood as something that could affect a kid.

Homer: I liked the producing, the executive producing and especially the co-producing, but the supervising producing was the best I've ever seen!

Poltergiest: How could you mistake him for me?
Willie: It was that sassy mouth that got you killed in the first place.

Apu: Mr. Homer, you inadvertently left your nuclear power plant ID in the birthday card rack.
Homer: I can't lose that, it's the best picture I have.
Apu: I am more concerned with global terrorism. America's enemies would give anything for your nuclear knowledge.
Homer: Yeah. I do know a lot about nuclears.
Apu: And America has so many enemies: Iran, Iraq, China, Mordor, the hoochies that laid low Tiger Woods, undesirable immigrants, by which I mean everyone that came after me, including my children.

Bart: Can I betray the country I pledge allegiance to every day?
CIA Agent #1: You pledge allegiance to the flag.
CIA Agent #2: And the flag is made in China.

CIA Agent: Okay, but don't read our subtitles.

Milhouse: Oh my God! I found my new look! (shows Bart a pair of overalls)
Bart: Those are girl overalls!
Milhouse: I could pull it off.

Bart: Oh my god. I think I just met the thing I'm going to die on.

Homer: Life was so much easier when a machine told you when to laugh.

Homer: (watching television credits) I liked the producing, the executive producing and especially the co-producing, but the supervising producing was the best I've ever seen!

Homer: The boy's acting really weird. I did everything that T.V. show told me to and he's still not happy.
Marge: Well, maybe you shouldn't listen to a 30 - year old T.V. show that only got on the air because the creator had evidence the network president ran over a guy.

Announcer: Thicker Than Waters was filmed live before a studio audience.
Homer: Heh, heh, heh. Everyone in that studio audience is dead now.

Lisa: Maybe if you studied harder and got better grades, Dad would give you the money for that bike.
Bart: Does dad give you money for good grades?
Lisa: I've been doing the family's checkbooks for years. I take what I need.

Bart: I like going to work with you, dad.
Homer: And I like having you here, son. 'Cause you can wake me up if someone comes.

Homer: Why would a child go to the zoo?

Sheldon Leavitt: (after writing a script) It's good enough. Let's go home.

Sheldon Leavitt: I slept with everyone in the cast, including the dog.
James Lipton: To quote Chandler Bing from Friends, too much information. And to quote Dwayne from What's Happenin'!, Hey... hey... hey.

Homer: (singing the Thicker Than Waters theme) This is my favorite song now. Sorry, Don't Fear The Reaper.

Bart: Can I have it Dad? (showing Homer a picture of the minibike)
Homer: Huh?
Bart: Can I?

Homer: You still see that crow on shows sometimes.

Homer: Hmm, hmm! Marge, would like a Thicker Than Waters collectable plate?
Marge: Homer, you can't order anything from that magazine. It's 25 years old.
Homer: Oh yeah? I'll show you. TV Guide Offer, 1 World Trade Center...

James Lipton: Rebecca, you briefly inspired a hairstyle called "the Lizzy". Is "the Lizzy" with us here tonight?
Rebecca: I was clear with your people that I would not recreate "the Lizzy".
James Lipton: Oh but "the Lizzy" is here. (puts on a "Lizzy" wig") I shouldn't judge my prom date just because he's in a wheelchair. I should judge him by who he is in here. The family hugs.

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