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"A trip to the alma mater might really rekindle my love of getting people loaded."
Moe Szyslak

"Homer the Moe" is the third episode of Season 13 (originally going to be an episode of Season 12).

This episode is one of few in which the title sequence does not include the iconic "the Simpson's" harmonization nor Homer's "D'oh!" or scream as Lisa runs over his feet and he runs inside (It does on the Disney+ Version).


When Moe visits his old bartending school to rediscover his passion for the business, Homer is charged with keeping tabs on Springfield's premiere watering hole. But when Moe decides to make his tavern over into something more hip and modern, a disgruntled Homer opens his own bar in the Simpson family garage.

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Moe at college

Full Story[]

When Homer bores the patrons of Moe's Tavern with an anecdote about Bart pointlessly digging a hole, Moe decides the monotony has become too much to bear. He decides to visit his bartending school, Swigmore University, for inspiration and leaves Homer in charge of the bar. Homer does a great job managing the bar and all the friends enjoy themselves even getting a chance to dance. Back at school, Moe meets one of his old professors, who recommend that he reinvent his "crap-hole". Taking his new motivation and inspiration he got, Moe returns to Springfield and hires Formico, the self-proclaimed "Dean of Design", who helps him transform the bar into "M", an exclusive and Duff-less nightclub. Even though Moe was able to get his groove back with his new style, he no longer sees his old bar flies as his friends and just looks down on them like his customers.

Feeling like outcasts, Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney set up a bar in Homer's garage, with Bart and Lisa working behind the bar. The garage bar quickly becomes popular with working-class Duff drinkers. Meanwhile Moe soon tires of his nightclub's swanky, snooty new patrons who won't have a casual conversation with Moe and are easily offended, (at one point they get angry when Moe changes the TV channel to football) so he goes to Homer's garage, where he finds R.E.M. playing for the crowd. The friends are still upset that Moe cast them aside so they don't want anything to do with him. To close down the bar and get them back, Moe, using his knowledge of bar management, tells them that in order to sell alcohol they need to be in a licensed pub or club in their house. Homer claims that the bar is actually a "hunting club", thus making it legal to serve refreshing (alcoholic) beverages in a private residence, but then Moe points out that they must actually hunt something to qualify. To prove to Moe that the "hunting club" is legit, Homer declares that they will hunt a turkey for Thanksgiving, which dismays Lisa.

When Homer goes hunting the next day, Lisa tags along trying to talk some sense into her father. After Moe appears to Lisa secretly, he reveals his need to get his friends back. So Lisa and Moe scare off the turkeys with a whistle that sounds like a cougar. Homer reacts by firing at the source of the sound, shooting Moe in the leg. Homer makes up with Moe and they meet up with the rest of the Simpsons, along with R.E.M., at the restored Moe's Tavern for a Thanksgiving meal featuring a tofu-based "turkey" (provided by the environmentalist R.E.M.).

Broadcast History[]

United States[]

Broadcast date(s) Channel aired
  • November 18, 2001
  • January 13, 2002
  • June 30, 2002
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  • December 25, 2020
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