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Homer the Whopper
Bart Gets a "Z"
Comic Book Guy: I played hardball with Hollywood, the closest I will ever come to playing a sport in my life.

Bart: Milhouse, watch me make a loser lose it. [enters the Android's Dungeon with Milhouse]
Comic Book Guy: Ugh, customers, how I hate them.
Bart: Excuse me, I just heard that before Spiderman was a movie, it was a comic book. Is that possible?
Comic Book Guy: What the...! Suffering Steve Ditko! How could you not KNOW that Spider-MAN first appeared in 1962's classic Amazing Fantasy # 15?!? GAH!
Bart: Ooh, 12 cents! I'll take eight.
Comic Book Guy: What the...you idiot! Mint condition copies are like $40,000 each! Must lie down...on pile of unsold Hulk hands...

Homer: [as Everyman] Don't thank me! Thank Captain America for giving me the patriotism to want to save the President's life. And thank Wonder Woman for giving me the boobs to distract the guards.

Comic Book Guy: You are acceptable!
Homer: Great, would you like to see me naked?
Studio Exec: Oh, there's no nudity in this movie.
Homer: What movie?

Studio Exec: Homer, we have a problem.
Homer: Fine, I'll give back the Oscars i stole from the lobby. Do you want back the Golden Globe?
Studio Lady: Noo, nooo.

Lyle McCarthy: I'm going to teach you healthy alternatives to eating. We don't have much time, so we'll do it to a montage to the song, "Eye of the Tiger"
Homer: Aww, that song is a little on the nose. Can we do it to David Bowie's "Heroes?"
Lyle: Eh, it's your montage

Lisa: There were a lot of holes in your story.
Studio Exec: That's the problem when you have 17 writers, but don't worry, we have two fresh ones working on it.
[cuts to Maggie and Mr. Teeny banging at typewriters]

Studio Exec: I have a bad feeling about this movie. Our star's overweight, we're way over budget, and that grasshopper raptor we built seems to have developed a mind of its own.

Carl: One minute he's skinny and one minute he's fat. What a gyp.

Studio Exec: Awesome performance, Homer. I smell Oscar! [pauses, then turns to a sloppy-looking stagehand] Oscar, take a shower, or tomato bath or something. Please!

Homer: I'm so cold.

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