Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
Homer to the Max
I'm with Cupid

Cultural references

  • The TV show "Police Cops" is an homage to Miami Vice and is a lot like Starsky and Hutch.
  • When Homer complains that the once-heroic character sharing his name was suddenly changed, Marge argues that the character is simply comic relief now, "like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now."
  • The theme song Max composes for himself is a spoof of the Goldfinger theme song.
  • Homer mentions high school girl Debbie Pinson. She appears in a much later episode "Take My Life, Please"
  • All in the Family is referenced when Carroll O'Connor says he wishes he kept the money from the first show in fact he had 3 fairly successful shows All in the Family 1971-79, Archie Bunker's Place 1979-83 and In the Heat of the Night 1988-95.
  • Homer's new name being lifted from a label for a hairdryer was subtly taken from the backstory of the titular character of the series Max Headroom, Edison Carter, where his digitized copy had picked up the name from a sign just before he crashed.
  • Marge, when attempting to convince Homer that it was only coincidental that the star of Police Cops shared the same name as him, alluded to a guy with the same name as SNL star Anthony Michael Hall stealing Homer's car radio (although Bart implies that it was in fact the same person).

Deleted scenes

  • At least two scenes were animated although ultimately cut from airing:
    • Homer, or rather, "Max Power", when talking with some men, stated he once fought George Bush, with several people being shocked that he actually went through with beating up a president.
    • The leader of the Springfield Elites is told by Chief Wiggum that trees don't have the same rights as people, with the leader stating they will once a certain amendment was passed.
  • One scene didn't make it through the storyboard process:
    • The original ending of the episode had Homer being directly shown to have his name changed back to Homer Simpson from Max Power. The plaintiff then states the next trial involves conspiracy of the Redwood Forest with Max Power as one of the defendants. Homer then smugly tells them to have good luck finding him, with the plaintiff finishing by stating that Homer is the same as Max, causing him to yell "d'oh" in irritiation, as well as the entire courtroom, Marge included, to laugh at him.



Judge Snyder with yellow skin


Lisa's necklace overlaps her paper

  • Judge Snyder is depicted in this episode with yellow skin instead of his usual black skin.
  • Ruth Powers is shown with a girl who is definitely not her daughter, Laura Powers, although it could be a relative.
  • When Lisa is reading Homer's new name, her necklace is in front of the paper even though it should be behind the paper.
  • This is one of several episodes where Michigan is viewed as two separate states, with the U.P. a different color than the rest of the state. The U.P. is aqua colored while the lower part of Michigan is blue on the nuclear plant's map in the scene where Homer spills his fondue on the circuit board.

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