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Homer vs. Dignity
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"Baby made a boom-boom."
Homer Simpson

"Homer vs. Dignity" is the fifth episode of Season 12.


With the family in dire straits once again, Homer decides to ask Mr. Burns for a raise, but Burns has a better plan: hire Homer as his personal jester (or "prank monkey") while Smithers takes time off to go to New Mexico to star in a musical he wrote about Malibu Stacy. But when the pranks escalate to being gross and humiliating, Homer must choose between making money for his family or retaining his dignity.

Full Story[]

When Bart gets his first A (he tried to "cheat" in order to get his mind off the fact that Edna Krabappel and Principal Skinner were making out in the classroom, not realizing that what he thought was cheating was actually studying), the family celebrates by eating at "The Singing Sirloin". Unable to pay the bill (due to Homer's credit card being rejected), they try to dine and dash, but are caught and end up having to play mariachi music to pay the restaurant back.


The financial planner gives advice

Marge sees that they are in financial trouble, and suggests they should see a financial planner. The planner tells them that their financial problems are due to Homer's being too stupid to follow a budget, and the only solution is more money—even declaring bankruptcy several times won't make them financially solvent.


Lenny's eye has pudding in it

Smithers takes some vacation time to star in a musical he wrote about Malibu Stacy. Mr. Burns takes the opportunity to go have some fun sans Smithers. Homer works up the courage to ask Burns for a raise, and he gets the chance when Burns wanders into the "cafe-torium." Homer asks for a raise, but Burns instead offers to give Homer money if he hits Lenny with a dish of pudding. Homer initially objects, but once he does it, Burns has a good laugh and hires Homer as his official "prank monkey."

Burns' pranks harms the dignity of Homer and others locals, but Homer doesn't care as long as he gets paid. He also keeps his prank work a secret from his family, dodging the question when Marge asks where the extra money is coming from. Homer is unmasked, however, during a prank that involves Homer dressing as a new female panda donated to the Springfield City Zoo. The zoo's male panda Ping Ping takes a liking to Homer and makes him his mate. When Homer tries to escape, he gets caught on the fence and loses the head of his costume, and Lisa discovers him. Homer also gets sprayed by a herd of skunks.


Homer donates money

Lisa isn't proud that her father is selling his dignity away, and tells him he needs to stand up to Mr. Burns. Homer succeeds in doing so, in spite of Burns' tempting him with more money. Homer is then left wondering what he can do with all the money he now realizes is ill-gotten gains, and Lisa suggests that he donate it to charity. Homer goes to Costington's and donates all the money to buy toys for poor children. The store owner is moved by this gesture and makes Homer the Santa Claus for the Thanksgiving Day parade. Homer's job in the parade is to wave from his float, yell "Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!", and throw presents to the crowd.


Mr Burns as Santa

Burns sees this as the perfect opportunity to pull a prank on the whole town. He pulls up beside Homer in another float (a pirate ship with the words "HAPPY PRANKSGIVING" on the side) and makes Homer an offer: one million dollars if he'll throw fish guts onto the crowd instead of presents. Homer is torn between the money and the fact that "Santa can't be evil!"

Moments later, Lisa sees "Santa" tossing fish guts at the crowd and is heartbroken, until she realizes that Homer is in the crowd with her. The Santa on the float is Burns: "Ho, ho, ho! Merry Fish-mas!" As seagulls invade the town, attacking all those with fish guts on them, at first Lisa thinks her father sold his soul but he is standing with the family, Lisa realizes that the Santa is Mr. Burns. Homer says that Lisa gave him an early Christmas present—the gift of dignity. They then get pelted by fish guts.

Broadcast History[]

United States[]

Broadcast date(s) Channel aired
  • November 26, 2000
  • September 2, 2001
  • December 23, 2001
Fox Logo
  • December 18, 2020
  • December 24, 2020
Fxx Logo
  • December 20, 2020
  • December 25, 2020
Freeform Logo

United Kingdom[]

Broadcast date(s) Channel aired
  • March 23, 2021
  • March 28, 2021
Sky One


The episode is considered one of the worst episodes of the series, due to the re-use of a lot of jokes and plotlines (specifically the joke of someone not knowing there's a "New Mexico" and the plot of The Simpsons family going broke and Homer trying to make more money) and the use of vulgar, bottom-of-the-barrel humor (Comic Book Guy's "If only the chicks went down this easy" line after he eats an entire box of Peeps, Homer pretending to be a baby in need of a diaper change in the men's room).

However, the most notorious sequence was of Homer dressed as Sim-Sim the Panda and getting sexually assaulted by a bull panda named Ping-Ping. On the DVD commentary, the crew members do acknowledge that the fans hate this episode, but, according to Mike Scully, the hate comes from the fact that no viewer was familiar with the novel/movie The Magic Christian.


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