Lisa the Tree Hugger
Homer vs. Dignity
The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
Homer: Er, little help please, little help? I made a boom-boom.
Man: Oh, gross!
Man 2: Not where I pee!
Man 3: Get that out of here!
Posh Lady: The line in the ladies room was far too long, so I hope you don't mind if- Aargh!
Homer: Baby made a boom-boom.
Posh Lady: Oh, my heavens. (She faints)

Comic Book Guy: (eating marshmallow birds) Ninety-eight. Ninety-nine. One hundred. Oh, if only the real chicks went down this easy.
Mr. Burns: Look at him, eating candy like a Dutchman. OK, Simpson, you are on.
(Homer enters the Android's Dungeon)
Homer: I will take a mint condition copy of Spider-Man #1, please.
Comic Book Guy: {sarcastically} And I would like an hour on the star-deck with 7 of 9, it ain't going to happen.
(Homer unhinges a briefcase full of cash.)
Comic Book Guy: {serious} Saturns rings! let me get that for you!
(Comic Book Guy enters a security code which releases rare comic book from his vault.)
Comic Book Guy: Paper bag or triple mylar?
Homer: No thanks, I'll just eat it here.
(Homer starts wolfing down pages of the comic right at the counter)
Comic Book Guy: Oh! No! What are you doing?! Good! Fair! Poor! (crying)

Milhouse: (to Kirk) Hey, Dad, can I have some money for a panda cone?
Kirk: Gah! What do you do with the $68 I send your mother every month?
Milhouse: Weekday dad wanted a DVD player.

Lindsay Neagle: (to Homer) Mr. Simpson, your intelligence profile indicates that you're too "stupid" to stick to a budget.
Homer: Yes, go on.
Lindsay Neagle: So let me put this simply. You need more money.
Homer: How do I get it?
Lindsay Neagle: I'm a financial "planner", not a financial "consultant."
Homer: Sorry.
Lindsay Neagle: Now, I'd like my fee please. (Homer writes a note) I know you're not a deaf mute, Mr. Simpson. We've been talking for the last 20 minutes.

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