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"Sure, Homer, I can loan you all the money you need. However, since you have no collateral, I'm going to have to break your legs in advance."
Moe Szyslak

"Homer vs. Patty and Selma" is the seventeenth episode of Season 6.


When Homer loses all his money in pumpkin stocks, he turns to Patty and Selma to help bail him out, and the Gruesome Twosome end up blackmailing Homer into doing whatever they want. Meanwhile, Bart comes in late to school on the day that the Springfield Elementary School kids get to pick their favorite sport/physical activity to play and ends up taking a ballet class.

Full Story[]


Homer plans to try his hand in a financial investment by investing in Halloween pumpkins. Thinking that they will peak in January, he does not sell them by Halloween and loses his entire investment. Now short on money and late on a mortgage payment, he tries to borrow it, but with no avail. Meanwhile, Patty and Selma have received a promotion at the DMV and have more disposable income. As a last resort, Homer asks the two if they will lend him the money. They agree, but he must become their loyal servant. Patty and Selma make Homer's life a living hell. Not long afterwards, Marge discovers that Homer borrowed money from her sisters and they drive it in by telling her about the pumpkins. Outraged, Homer throws Patty out the door, followed by Marge who he immediately retrieves whilst offering an apology along the way, then Selma and tells the twins to never to darken his door again. Marge is not irritated about the deception, but upset that he didn't tell her up front so that she could help.


The subplot consists of Bart taking up ballet. While cutting class, Milhouse remembers something important and leaves for school. Bart still doesn't take it seriously until he finally arrives in school and is distressed to discover it was P.E. class sign up today. Lisa is wearing a similar uniform from her time in Apu's hockey team and is joined by her friend, Janey, and another classmate of theirs in hockey. She asks Bart how he had forgotten it was P.E. sign up day as posters were all over the school hall (mainly the library). Milhouse tells him to hurry up because baseball has been filled up. Nelson agrees and mentions Tae Kwon Do is also filled up. Bart tries to sign up for lap running, pushups, and gender issues in sports are filled up. The only class with places left available is ballet and which Skinner takes advantage of him for being late. At first Bart is embarrassed, as he considers ballet a "girl sport" and is the only male in the class. However, he takes a liking to the class when he discovers that he has a latent talent for the dance form and the teacher invites him to star in a school ballet performance. Fearful of being taunted by his fellow students he performs while wearing a mask, but takes it off after discovering that his classmates are impressed with his dancing abilities. When Nelson and his band of bullies discover that it is Bart they choose to beat him up (even though Bart defends his actions) and he is forced to run from them. Bart attempts to escape by jumping over a trench, but fails to make the leap and is injured when the bullies take off (as Bart got injured anyway), Lisa comes to console him, but she leaves Bart stranded.


Homer drives Mel Brooks

To earn more money, Homer plans to become a chauffeur, but is pulled over when he does not have a chauffeur's license. When he goes to the DMV with Marge to apply for one, Patty and Selma are his evaluators. The twins mercilessly taunt Homer and fail both his driving test and written test. Just after stamping his test with a large "Fail" stamp, the two light up cigarettes, but are immediately observed by their supervisor. Their supervisor tells them that smoking on the job is an offense that could cost them both their promotions and their jobs. Marge shows concern for her sisters, but Homer is happy since it will be revenge for the way they mistreated him. Upon seeing how worried Marge is, however, Homer reluctantly covers for them by claiming the cigarettes as his own and demonstrates it by smoking in the building. Their supervisor apologizes to Patty and Selma and slaps the cigarettes out of Homer's mouth. Marge is proud of Homer, but he tells her that he only did it for her and not her sisters. The two are grudgingly thankful and Homer coerces them to clear his debt in lieu of his favor to them.

Behind the Laughter[]


Chris Turner writes in Planet Simpson that the scene where Homer "smashes a dinner plate over his head" is one of his favorite Homer moments."I'd like to say it's the defining Homer moment,but that would do a grave injustice to the extraordinary dramatic achievement that is Homer J. Simpson," Turner comments. Writing in I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide,Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood comment on the episode "Quite a fun one this" and highlight the machinations of Patty and Selma:"Patty and Selma have rarely been more evil than here they are fabulously cruel."In a review of the sixth season of The Simpsons,Colin Jacobson of DVD Movie Guide writes:"Homer’s disdain for Marge’s sisters–and vice versa–has always led to terrific sparks, and "Vs." provides another great round in their eternal battle. It’s hilarious to see Homer indebted to the Terrible Two."


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