Bart vs. Australia
Homer vs. Patty and Selma
A Star is Burns
Selma: You came to us in order to be bailed out of your money problems. Now we own you like Siegfried owns Roy.

Homer: Time to fertilize the lawn. A couple of 500-pound bags should do it!
Marge: Homer, be careful with my sisters' heads. Their necks are brittle!
Patty: That's okay, Marge. Nothing's broke...except Homer.
[Homer gasps]
Marge: What's that supposed to mean?
Selma: It means--
Homer: [shoves Patty and Selma's faces in his armpits] It means these two fabulous babes are staying for dinner!
Selma: Now there's a stink I could have done without!

Lisa: How's Dad today?
Marge: Not too good, Lisa. Frankly, he's underneath the table.
Homer: [under the table] Nobody make me any breakfast. A man so deeply in debt doesn't deserve it.
Marge: But I like to make you breakfast!
Homer: Well, in that case, I'll just have french toast with double butter and a side of bacon. But no powdered sugar, I don't deserve it. Well, maybe a little powdered sugar.

Carl: Quit drowning in self-pity and come get drunk with us.

Homer: Oh wow, I can't believe my first passenger is comedy legend, Mel Brooks. You know that movie, "Young Frankenstein"? Scared the hell out of me!
Mel Brooks: Umm, thanks.

Lenny: Hey, Homer! How come you've got money to burn? Or singe, anyway?
Carl: Yeah, Homer, what's your secret investment?
Homer: Take a guess.
Barney: Uh, pumpkins?
Homer: [pause] Yeah, that's right, Barney. This year, I invested in pumpkins. They've been going up the whole month of October and I got a feeling they're going to peak right around January. Then, bang! That's when I'll cash in.

Broker: Homer, you knuckle-beak, I told you a hundred times: you've got to sell your pumpkin futures before Hallowe'en! Before!
Homer: All right, let's not panic: I'll make the money back by selling one of my livers. I can get by with one.

Patty and Selma: Hello, Homer.
Homer: Marge, we had a deal: your sisters don't come here after 6:00 and I stop eating your lipstick. [wipes some off his teeth]
Marge: This is a special occasion. Patty and Selma just got promoted at the DMV!
Selma: Yeah, Homer: let your wife have a glimpse of success for once.
Homer: All right, that's the last straw: time to take out the trash! But first, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Marge: I'm sorry. Homer doesn't mean to be rude, he's just a very complicated man.
[Homer appears at the bedroom window, breaks a plate over his head]
Homer: Wrong!
Selma: When are you going to wake up and smell your husband, Marge?
Patty: Granted, you got some kids out of him, but when the seed have been planted, you throw away the envelope.
Marge: I wish you wouldn't put Homer down like that. He may not be a big success like you, but I can always count on him to provide for the family.

Marge: Homer! Homer, wake up! There's still a few minutes till our usual bedtime.
Homer: Oh, my invention! All our money problems could have been...
Marge: Money problems? Homer, are we in some sort of fiduciary trouble? [Homer imagines Marge dressed like a queen]
Homer: Oh, Marge, my loyal wife, of course not. [Lisa walks up; Homer imagines her differently] And Lisa, my little princess. [Bart walks up] And who could forget dear Ratboy?
Bart: Ratboy? I resent that. [gnaws on doorframe]
Marge: Bart, I told you before, stop gnawing on the drywall.

Bart: What a day, eh, Milhouse? The sun is out, birds are singing, bees are trying to have sex with them as is my understanding...
Milhouse: It is a gorgeously fabulous day... marvelous, even.
Bart: So, uh...what's your hurry to get to school? [slows down]
Milhouse: Nothing...what's your hurry? [slows down more] [Bart stops walking] That's enough, Bart. Fun is fun, but if we're late we're going to get in trouble.
Bart: You're right, Milhouse: fun is fun. [whistles]

Principal Skinner: [over PA] Attention, students. It's time once again to choose a gym class for the coming term so let's all prove how adult we can be by filing to the gym in a calm and orderly manner...even though it's first come, first serve, and the most popular sports fill up fast. [a mass hysteria takes over as everyone rushes to the gym]
Groundskeeper Willie: [getting trampled] Aah! Too many wee ones!
Richard: This gets uglier every year! Any sign of Bart and Milhouse?
Lewis: No...and if they don't get here soon, it'll be T.S. for them.
Ralph: [at "tethered swimming"] I don't feel right.

[In the gym, almost everyone has signed up for a sport. Bart looks around and sees how late he is. Lisa, Nelson and Milhouse faces him after he arrives in school.]
Bart: Oh, no, it's P.E. signup day!
Lisa:[In a hockey uniform she wore similar to Apu's team and has an increased interest in Hockey] How could you forget? They had signs posted all over the library.
Milhouse: Better sign up for something fast, man. Baseball just filled up... Oof!
[He gets kicked by Nelson.]
Nelson: So did Tae Kwon Do.
[Bart runs towards the first booth, a lap running booth to find it's full. Same deal with Pushup Course and "Gender Issues in Sports. Skinner then puts his hand on Bart's shoulders.]
Principal Skinner: Heh heh, there's only one class left, but it happens to be the coolest one of all.
Bart: Ballet? Dancing is for girls.
Principal Skinner: [Clearly enjoying his revenge on Bart.] Well, you should have gotten here earlier.

Homer: You're my last, last chance: bottom-of-the-barrel, hail-mary, long-shot, wish-you-would-do-it-but-probably-won't final resort to lend me money.
Selma: We'll take care of you.
Patty: Yes, care. [they laugh evilly] [Homer starts laughing too; he continues long after they stop] Cut him a check and get him the hell out of here!

Teacher: All right, girls, today we learn the dance of the Fairy Queens. You can either be a fairy, or a queen. It's wide open.
Bart: [groans]
Teacher: Ah! And what have we here? A young man maybe who thinks he can be the next Baryshnikov?
Bart: I don't want to be the next anything. I'm only taking this stupid class because they made me.
Teacher: So, he has fire in the belly! But it will take more than bellyfire to be the next Baryshnikov.
Bart: Look, Boris, I think ballet's for sissies.
Teacher: Ha ha ha! Ballet is for the strong, the fierce, the determined, but for the sissies, never! Now, put on this fuchiatard: you are a fairy.

Teacher: Is something wrong, Mr. Simpson?
Bart: I don't like wearing tights, ma'am.
Teacher: But so many of your heroes wear tights: Batman, for example, and...Magellan.
Bart: Look, I don't like this cootie platoon and I never well. I'm out of here, and I'm out of this stupid outfit. [struggles to take it off; struggles turn graceful] Wait! Joy of movement increasing. Love of dance impossible to resist. [the other girls gasp with delight] Toes twinkling...look at me, girls! I'm doing ballet...and I love it!

Patty: Hmm...am I wrong, or did it just get fatter in here?
Homer: Request permission to slink by.
Patty: Permission pending. First...light our cigarettes.
Homer: But you're already smoking cig -- [they stub them and take new ones, clearing their throats] You're really pushing it.
Selma: Come on, Homer: you can't spell "obsequious" without I-O-U.
Homer: I'll have to trust you on that.
Patty: Well, Marge was always a good speller...let's ask her.
Homer: No! Don't tell Marge. I'll be good, I'll be good! [lights their cigarettes, then tries to light the IOU]
Patty: Tut tut tut! Just for that, you have to crawl around on the floor like the dog you are.
Homer: [stammers] Yes, ma'am. [gets on all fours] [the twins laugh]
Patty: Now say, "I am Homer Simpson, the lowly dog" -- in a dog's voice.
Homer: I am Homer Simpson...
Patty: Good, good. Jump, Homer, jump!
Marge: [walking in] What's going on in here?
Homer: [in a dog's voice still] Absolutely nothing, Marge!
Marge: What's that paper?
Homer: What paper? [reaches for it] [it floats up and lands on top of the light]
Marge: [gasps] Homer! Is this projection accurate? Did you borrow money from my sisters?
Homer: I don't know, Marge, I can't be expected to keep track of all my wheelings and dealings!
Patty: He blew all your savings on jack-o'-lanterns.
Homer: [gasps] YOU TOLD! [tosses Patty out] [accidentally tosses Marge out, runs out to get her] Sorry, Marge! [tosses Selma out; to her] I never want to see you again! [to Patty] You either. [closes the door]
Marge: Homer...Homer, why didn't you tell me?
Homer: I was ashamed, Marge. I've failed you as a husband and a provider...and at best, I was a B+ dog. I'll understand if you want to sleep on the couch tonight. [goes to the bedroom]

Bart: See that? I started to do, like, a little arabesque, but then I just fully went for it and pulled off the demi-entrechat. Not that I'm into that kind of thing...[drinks a Tab]
Teacher: Bravissimo, Bart! Next week, class gives its first recital, and you, you will dance the male lead!
Bart: Dance in front of the whole school? What is it with you and ballet?
Teacher: I have know you have great conflict, Bart: you love ballet, yet you fear the boys will laugh at you, no?
Bart: No, I fear the girls will laugh at me. I fear the boys will beat the living snot out of me.

Lisa: Hey, Dad. Whatcha doin'?
Homer: Daddy has very important work to do. He's looking through the want ads to find a part-time job.
Lisa: Dad, that's a gag paper we got at the carnival.
Homer: Oh. No wonder I didn't hear about Bart being elected world's greatest sex machine.

Principal Skinner: You're going to have to work hard to win this crowd over. Most of them are here as part of detention.
Bart: Pretty big crowd.
Principal Skinner: Mm hmm. We've even bussed in troublemakers from other schools.
Bart: [gulps apprehensively]

Lisa: That spiky-haired masked dancer is really something. I wonder who he is?
Jimbo: He's graceful, yet masculine. So it's OK for me to enjoy this.

Bart: [thinking] They love me; I'm accepted. I don't need this mask any more. [out loud] Behold, the masked dancer is me, Bart! [removes mask; everyone gasps] It is I who have won your acclaim.
Jimbo: Bart does ballet!
Kearney: He dances like girls!
Nelson: Ha ha!
Bart: Go ahead and laugh. But I took a chance and did something I wanted to do. And if that makes me a sissy, well, then...I guess I'm a sissy.
Jimbo: [pause] He's a sissy! Let's rush him.

Lisa: Bart, I am so proud of you. You've showed a sensitive side of yourself that can never be erased. From this day forward, we are kindred spirits. (kisses Bart, walks off)
Bart (injured after a failed leap over a short cliff while running from Nelson, Kearney, Jimbo and Dolph): Why'd she just leave me here when I clearly need medical attention?

Homer: Stupid driving test at the stupid DMV where stupid Patty and stupid Selma work! Sometimes I think God is teasing me...just like he teased Moses in the desert.
Marge: Tested, Homer! God tested Moses. And try to be nice to my sisters. It's very hard on me to have you fighting all the time.
Homer: Oh, OK Marge, I'll get along with them. Then, I will hug some snakes...yes! I will hug and kiss some poisonous SNAKES! Now that's sarcasm.

Patty: Well, well, well: look who needs us again to get his chauffeur's license.
Homer: Look, all I ask is that you be fair.
Patty: Oh! Did not adjust side mirror. Minus one point.
Selma: Failed to check blind spot. Minus two points.
Homer: You won't be happy until my family thinks I'm a loser, will you?
Patty: You are a loser, Homer...and we're winners. You gotta learn that.
Selma: Ooh, seat belt twisted. Minus one point.
Homer: Nagging the driver. Minus ten points for you!
Patty: Grazed a cone. Minus five points!
Homer: Being a jerk. Minus a million points!

Super: [to Patty & Selma] Ladies, please don't tell me you're smoking in a government building. Because that is precisely the kind of infraction that can cost a couple of sisters their promotion. [they gasp, and stammer]
Homer: [chuckles to himself] [sees Marge looking unhappy] [sighs] I'll never forgive myself for this. [grabs both cigarettes, drags]
Super: Wait a minute! Those are yours, sir?
Homer: [monotone] Yes. [coughs] I am in flavor country.
Super: [skeptical] Both of them?
Homer: [hacks] It's a big country.
Super: Ladies, I apologize. [to Homer] And you, sir, are worse than Hitler. [slaps him]

Patty: Homer, um...I'm speechless. You just saved our hides.
Homer: Please, on top of everything else, don't make me picture your hides!
Marge: That's a wonderful thing you did for my sisters.
Homer: I didn't do it for them...I did it for you, Marge. I'd kill for you. Please ask me to kill for you...
Marge: No, Homey. You see? You see, this is the stuff I've been telling you about that you never see!
Patty: Homer...we're...sorry.
Selma: If there's anything we can do to make it up...
Homer: Call off the debt?
Patty: Or, say, we could let you pass your driver's test...
Homer: Call off the debt?
Patty: Uh...well...
Homer: Debt's off! Let's go, Marge. [squeals away in his car]

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