Rome-Old and Julie-Eh
Marge Gamer
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Homer: (After telling his family he doesn't need a wish because he has a wonderful family) I wish for infinity hamburgers.

Homer: [in thought] Hooray! I'm sort of rich! I can rent anything in the world!

[Marge offered Rainier Wolfcastle to see her script for a movie called "Mr. Mom", but he told Marge he doesn't look at scripts he didn't create]
Marge: [the day after, looking at "Mr. Mom" movie poster, which has a picture of Rainier Wolfcastle] Well, at least it got made.

[Homer jumps out of an airplane to get to Ranier Wolfcastle's wedding.]
Homer: Did I attach the harness!?
Lisa: No!
[A few seconds pause]
Lisa: Should I attach it for you?
Homer': If you don't minnnnnnd!
[Lisa attaches the harness just in time]
Homer: Thank you!

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