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Convention, convention, convention...
Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson

"Homerland" is the first episode of Season 25, originally was supposed to be a season 24 episode.


In a parody of Homeland, when Homer acts oddly polite after a Nuclear Power Convention, Lisa hires someone to investigate - an FBI agent.

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The episode opens with a montage parodying the real life television drama Homeland. Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Mayor Quimby, and Bill Clinton are a few of the characters throughout the montage speaking about terrorist activities.

Act I

Marge pours Lisa some Belfast Charms cereal. Marge explains to Lisa that she has hidden Bart's medication into the cereal, or "vitamins" (Focusyn, Blissium, Brozac, and Crystal Math) After Bart begins to eat his cereal, Homer interrupts with the news that he is going to the Nuclear Worker's Convention. Homer feigns sadness about his departure and his family believes him. However, when they reach the Springfield International Airport, it is revealed that Homer, Carl, and Lenny are excited about their trip, chanting, "Convention, convention..." throughout their trip.

The trio arrive at the Boise Astoria, the place of the convention and partake in the excessive collection of swag before they are thrown out by security. Later that night, they return to the Boise Astoria for a party. The trio run into an old friend Helburn, which Homer begins to fight over an old quarrel. Then they get Sherman from IT drunk by pouring alcohol into his soda can.

Act II

Three days later, the family waits for Homer's arrival at the airport, but only Carl and Lenny arrive with no knowledge of Homer's location. Patty and Selma come over to try to comfort Marge, but only seem to exacerbate the situation. Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Homer arrives in a robotic fashion, saying that he had overslept and missed his flight. Once the family is satisfied Homer has a fantasy of his kidnapping, torture and the explosion of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Later at dinner, the family begins to suspect Homer's new pacifist, vegetarian behavior. He surprises the group at Moe's Tavern as well when he asks for water instead of beer. Despite these bizarre happenings Marge is content with the Homer after his sexual abilities have improved, but Lisa isn't convinced. Lisa hears from Chief Wiggum that some 'Intel' has tipped off a terrorist attack. After finding Homer praying to Mecca and making suspicious plans Lisa thinks Homer is planning a terrorist attack.

After Marge ignores Lisa's fears, Lisa calls FBI agent Annie Crawford, a parody of CIA agent Carrie Mathison. Crawford says she will go to Springfield to investigate.


Crawford arrives at the 742 Evergreen Terrace and sneaks into Homer and Marge's bed, 'interrogating' Homer while Marge is asleep, but Homer doesn't give her any information.

Annie Crawford walking into a pseudo-rainbow horizon.

The next day Homer brings a suspicious, concealed object on a wheelie into work. He gets past the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Security Guard. While Homer does this, Agent Crawford watches him from a security van. Homer enters the Plant Operations Center where Lisa (who snuck into the plant with Girl Scout cookies) attempts to stop Homer from blowing up the plant. Homer explains how, after missing the flight back to Springfield, he was actually taken by Eco-friendly Activists and was stripped of his previous meat-eating, beer-drinking behavior. Homer reveals that he plans to put 'spoiled milk and utility chicken' into the plant's air-conditioning.

Homer is stopped by Crawford and the local police force. Lisa initiates the machine while they are distracted apprehending Homer. It turns out the plan failed because the air conditioner wasn't functioning. After Mr. Burns reveals this an FBI Agent arrests him and closes down the plant after Burns also reveals his plans to move to China. Homer quickly returns to his old habits and Agent Crawford walks off into the drug-induced horizon, pushing Ralph Wiggum for good measure.

Behind the Laughter


Homerland received mostly positive reviews. Teresa Lopez of TV Fanatic gave the episode a 4/5 and wrote that, "The Simpsons has always done an excellent job with parody, and tonight was no exception." She also added that, "The half hour was a lot of fun and featured a lot of great sight gags and jokes." Dennis Perkins of the A.V. Club also gave a positive review, rating the episode a 'B-'. He wrote in his conclusion, "In the end, there are some funny lines, the gimmick doesn't completely overwhelm the narrative, and things are back in place for the next episode. It’s not the worst omen for a new season of The Simpsons. I'm looking forward to it with guarded optimism and an open mind."


Homerland was the most watched show on Animation Domination, beating American Dad, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers with 6.37 million viewers and a rating of 2.9. as well.

This premiere for Season 25 is considerably lower than Season 24's premiere, "Moonshine River", which had 8.08 million viewers; however, it was much higher than the Season 24 finale "Dangers on a Train" that was only watched by 4.52 million households.


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