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Summer of 4 Ft. 2

"It makes no sense. I haven't changed since high school and suddenly, I'm uncool."
Homer Simpson

Homerpalooza is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 7.


Feeling uncool, Homer decides to take Bart and Lisa to the Hullabalooza music festival. But, while feeling more out of place, Homer accidentally takes a cannonball to the stomach. This newfound skill makes him the sleeper hit of the festival, and a hero to Bart — but at what cost to his health?

Full Story[]

Otto dreams of winning the award for the School District's safest Bus Driver. Unfortunately, he dreams about it while driving the school bus, with all the kids in terror. Milhouse then wakes him up, and swerves out of the road to avoid running down Jasper, and ends up plowing into an auto-wrecking yard. Otto also evacuates the kids and himself from the bus when he stops right in front of the vehicle cube compressor, and unintentionally turning the school bus into a bus-shaped cube. Despite Otto requesting that the students keep secrets about the incident, the faculty and staff end up finding out anyway, to which, the next morning, Marge reads the letter aloud which explains that, due to the "unscheduled field trip" to the Auto Wrecking Yard, the bus is out of commission for two weeks.


Homer drives Bart, Lisa, Nelson, and Milhouse to school. During the journey, he listens to a Grand Funk Railroad track and is shocked when the kids say that they have never heard of it. Eventually he goes to a music store and is shocked when his music is classified under the "oldies" section. To prove that he is cool, he takes his kids to the Hullabalooza Festival. After being humiliated, he is kicked out by the crowd and then out of control, kicks a cannon which fires an inflatable pig which hits him in the stomach. The festival head is impressed at Homer's ability to take blows to the stomach and hires him for his freak show.

Homer travels around with the Hullabalooza crew for a while before going back for another tour date in Springfield. He is persuaded to go to a doctor (who was actually a veterinarian) who tells him that if he takes another cannonball to the stomach, he will die. As his place in the show approaches he plans to dodge the cannonball, which makes him unpopular again, but earns him the respect of his family back.


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