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Homie the Clown
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"How about letting me go double or nothing on the big opera tonight?"
Krusty the Clown
"Okay. But we're only letting the bet ride because you crack us so consistently up."
Fat Tony

"Homie the Clown" is the fifteenth episode of Season 6.


After observing a billboard for clown college, Homer cannot resist becoming an official Krusty the Clown impersonator. Homer then runs into some trouble with the mob.

Full Story[]

Krusty's extravagant lifestyle is eating into his profits. Along with this, he owes money to the mob. His accountant informs him that he will be bankrupt in a month, and suggests opening up a clown college to train people to act as him for various events and functions.

A billboard of the new clown college catches Homer's eye, but he immediately dismisses it. Unable to get the images of clowns out of his head, resulting in a hallucination, he plans to enroll. After graduating, Homer shows up for various Krusty events, but soon tires of the prat falls and punchlines. Homer then finds that his similarity to Krusty allows people to assume he is the real clown, and ends up getting free stuff and kickbacks.

Homie the Clown (Promo Picture)

Meanwhile, Fat Tony demands Krusty pay them his debt, but Krusty goes to the bathroom and escapes. Tony, Legs and Louie see Homer attempting to purchase a vehicle, and try to shoot him but miss and end up shooting the car (which the car salesman refers to as "Speed Holes"). Then they take off to obtain more ammunition. While this is going on, Krusty goes to get plastic surgery done on his face, but instead Krusty received breasts. Later, they see Homer at his house making holes in his car due to what the car salesman said earlier. Legs tries to shoot him but ends up shooting Ned Flanders twice (but he was protected by his Bible and a piece of the cross he wore around his neck), and then the pickaxe that Homer is holding. The mob had only purchased three additional bullets, so they then kidnap Homer. On the way to the mobsters hide out, Homer protests he isn't Krusty and claims to be four other people (himself, Barney, Joe Valachi and Benedict Arnold), but unfortunately the mobsters have grudges against each of these men for various reasons.

Back at their place, Homer is forced to perform a trick or else be murdered. Homer fails and is about to be shot when the real Krusty shows up, and he is in trouble. Krusty and Homer are forced to perform the same trick together.

They manage to complete the task, and thanks to some other stunts thrown into the act are a success. Homer is allowed to go and Krusty is told he will not be killed. He still owes the mobsters their money, however, which is revealed to be a measly $48.00. He pays Don Vittorio DiMaggio $50.00 and gets $2 change.

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