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Hortense Simpson first appeared when Bart briefly died. Hortense is said to have died later though The Simpson family expects to inherit her estate, but instead each member is given $100 (except for Maggie). The rest was given to Ann Landers (as stated in Hortense's will).


Since there have been two people mentioned being named "Aunt Hortense", there has been a lot of theories behind it.

  1. The name was passed down. One could be Homer's aunt and another Homer's great aunt.
  2. There could be two people of the same name related to the Simpsons.
  3. The events of "Bart Gets Hit by a Car" could have been before "Bart the Fink".
  4. The will could have been lost for a long time.
  5. Bart thought she was dead, but she was not.
  6. It could have been an oversight by the producers.
  7. She is the sister of Marge Simpson, as she looks almost identical to her, and Bart called her "aunt Hortense" not "great-aunt Hortense".