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Hot Stuff the Little Devil is a comic book character created by Warren Kremer who first appeared in Hot Stuff #1 (October 1957), published by Harvey Comics. Imbued with a mischievous personality and able to produce fire, Hot Stuff appears as a red child devil who wears a diaper (said to be made of asbestos) and carries a magical sentient pitchfork (referred to as his "trusty trident"), which is a character in its own right. Much to the consternation of his demonic brethren, Hot Stuff sometimes performs good deeds to irritate them.


Hot Stuff is seen in "Treehouse of Horror XXV", in the segment School is Hell. After Bart pulls him out of a portal leading to "Super Hell", Hot Stuff tells Bart that he's being punished for how lame his comics were. He shows one of the comic books to Bart, which features a melted igloo.

Behind the Laughter

Hot Stuff is a Harvey Comics character.