House of Cards
Bart and Dad Eat Dinner

This is one small step for a kid, one giant leap for kidkind.
Bart Simpson

House of Cards is the twelfth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show on October 25, 1987.


Bart is attempting to build a house of cards but fails many times because of Lisa and Maggie's interruptions. First, Lisa comes in with Maggie and asks what Bart is doing. Before Bart can respond the cards fall over and Lisa says, "Really neat Bart, a pile of cards." Next, Lisa startles Bart making him ruin his house of cards by telling him to "ree-LAX!" Then, Lisa and Maggie are invited in by Bart to see the finished house of cards but Maggie's pacifier sound makes the cards fall down. Finally, Bart is trying to put the final card on top while on an unsteady pile of boxes and chairs. Bart falls down but the card lands on top of the pile perfect. Right when Bart wakes up the house of cards collapses. 



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