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"How Lisa Got Her Marge Back" is the eighteenth episode of Season 27.


Marge takes Lisa on a girls’ weekend touristy trip to Capital City, where they attend a performance of Bad News Bears: The Musical starring Rannells. During a backstage meet-and-greet after the show, Rannells reminds Lisa — who is going through a rough spell with Marge — that she should feel lucky to have such a great mom. Meanwhile, Bart becomes frustrated that everyone expects his pranks, so he bonds with Maggie to trick people.

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Bart purchases a Money Grabber, a string attached to a dollar bill for tricking people. However, everyone realizes it was one of Bart's pranks, and after that, Bart was pranked by another group, Archie and Gang, from Archie Comics. Later, he tried to pull a prank on Ralph, but even he expected his pranks.

Later at breakfast, Lisa tried to show Homer and Marge her new saxophone solo, but Homer left for work and Lisa played for Marge. Later that day, she tried to play for her parents again, but she went to her bedroom to fix one of her reeds. That is when Marge confessed to Homer that she hates jazz, even when Lisa plays it. Unfortunately, Lisa heard her confession and confronted her mother, avoiding her hugs and calling her  "Marjorie".

Marge plans to take Lisa on a trip to Capital City to cheer her up, However, Marge's attempts to bond with Lisa offended her even more, to the point where she stopped wearing her pearl necklace. On a final attempt to calm Lisa down, Marge takes her to Bad News Bears - The Musical. At the show, Lisa realized that Marge has very different likings than she does, and chose to just pretend she was liking the musical, just like Marge did with her solo. At the exit of the theater, Marge met Andrew Rannells, the show's star, and invited him for a meeting later.

Meanwhile, in Springfield, Homer gave Bart the responsibility over Maggie while the girls were out. Bart soon realized that playing with Maggie is fun, and she could be his sidekick for pranks. The first pranks went well, as they tricked the Flanders into thinking Maggie is an angel and giving a fake glass Maggie to Gil, making him think that he just dropped a baby, but the tricks almost backfired when they were trying to fool Homer, as Maggie was disguised as Bart and Homer almost strangled her. After that, Homer asked Bart to not to use Maggie to prank people, not wanting her to turn out like her older brother.

In Capital City, Lisa was discussing Andrew's presentation, saying that unlike her, Marge thought he was amazing, and started complaining about her family, but Andrew pointed out that Lisa just ignored all Marge's attempts to reconcile. Feeling terrible, Lisa and Marge offer apologies to each other. The episode finishes with Lisa singing to "Don't Rain on My Parade" in Bart's treehouse.


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