Howard K. Duff VIII is the owner of the Duff Stadium, president of the Springfield Isotopes, and CEO of the Duff Brewery.


When Homer sees an advertisement for Blockoland, the Simpson family goes there. When they leave, Lisa finds that a part of her Eiffel Tower is missing. Homer goes to the park and gets the piece. Afterwards, Homer plans to help people with their problems.

Homer then goes to Moe's Tavern after a hard day of work. Lenny says that since Duff Beer has owned the stadium, the Springfield Isotopes haven't won a single game and he wants a refund. Homer then goes to talk to Duff Beer's owner, Howard K. Duff VIII, and discovers that he is moving the team to Albuquerque. Homer tries to tell the news this but the room is replaced by a dancer. Homer then goes on a hunger strike to tell everyone the truth but no one believes him. When a bunch of people see Homer, Howard K. Duff uses Homer as an attraction in the field. Homer is then hungry and is offered a hot dog and all the toppings are ones from Albuquerque. Everyone then learns the truth and Homer becomes a hero.[1]


Many fans have confused this character with Howard K. Duff VII who would appear later in Old Yeller-Belly. The difference is the Roman numeral at the end of their names. This character's Roman is found on a door label in one scene while the other character's is mentioned by Lisa as she refers to him as the Seventh.



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