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Howland A. Simpson is an ancestor of the Simpson family. If his great-grandson is to be trusted with his story he told in Much Apu About Nothing, Howland probably comes from the 'Old Country' , which seems to be Scotland or Sweden.


Howland was the son of Garwood Simpson and Clowta Stillman. According to one notable Simpsons family tree, Howland is the great-grandfather of Abraham Simpson II.

Behind the Laughter

However, Abraham himself has stated that his great-grandfather of the name "Simpson" was (like himself) called Abraham Simpson. If this is true, then the only place that these two contradicting family trees could possibly reconnect is at some place before Orville Simpson, who is confirmed by both sources to be Abraham's father. It is possible that due to his apparent dementia (or wanting to cheer Lisa up by fabricating a story) Abraham was talking dishonestly about Virgil Simpson and that Hiram, Mabel and Eliza are related to the modern Simpson family via a different branch of the family and not directly descended from them, leaving the previously established family tree unchanged. Or, it is possible that Orville was adopted. It is also possible that he is the same person as Abraham Simpson I, seeing as they both resemble Bart and have the same position in the family tree, and the reason for their varying names likely being to hide any connections to Virgil Simpson, whose existence, according to Abe, was kept a secret by his family to avoid racist remarks.