Hugs Bunny is a referee at the Mayor's Easter Egg Hunt. Despite his name, however, Hugs Bunny, or at least his cosplayer, refuses to actually hug the children, claiming he's legally forbidden to do so (implying that the actor is a registered sex-offending pedophile), or was forbidden to hug children legally by Quimby's wife.


When Maggie is upset because she has not collected any Easter eggs, Homer picks her up and steals eggs from other kids baskets and puts them in hers. Hugs Bunny tells Homer to put Maggie down and that he just wants to talk. After Homer does this, Hugs starts beating Homer up, although Homer quickly gets the upper hand, including swiping at him with a broken chocolate Easter Bunny statue, attempting to run him over with a rideable lawnmower, and eventually punching him in the crotch before being knocked into the window, with Homer taunting him about him "thinking twice before [Hugs Bunny] volunteer to have children."

Hugs was also released in The Simpsons: Tapped Out with the Easter 2014 Event.

Behind the Laughter

  • The name "Hugs Bunny" is a reference to Bugs Bunny.


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