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I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can is the thirteenth episode of Season 30.


Marge gets upset when Homer watches a TV show without her.

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Marge gets a call from her dying aunt Eunice Bouvier and rushes over to visit her. Before she leaves, she tells Homer not to watch their favorite show on Netflix, Odder Stuff, an obvious parody of Stranger Things. Bart and Lisa watch it, tempting Homer to watch it with them as well. The kids go off to bed and Homer realizes Marge is home. When Marge enters, she feels the warm TV and turns it on, revealing Odder Stuff to be playing. Furious, she finally realises how little Homer means to her.

Homer has a nightmare where Ted Sarandos tells him Marge likes watching dance shows, so he signs up for this dance class. The instructor, Julia, has a tough time teaching him, so she calls in her partner Sweet Sal, a tougher instructor. To cover his dance lessons, Homer crashes on the couch every night and claims he was at Moe's every night. When Homer feels he is ready, he invites Marge to a night out. Still mad at him, Marge questions why he is there. Homer tells her to take his hand and the couple starts dancing, impressing her and reconciling his marriage in the process.

Meanwhile, Bart wants to race in a competition hosted by Krusty the Clown, but needs to write an essay. Like his is, he asks Lisa to write it for him, which she does. At the race, he finds out his competitors are Ralph Wiggum and Milhouse Van Houten. Knowing his stupidity, Bart distracts Ralph from the race and runs against Milhouse to the end of the store. Both of them get so distracted with trying to stop each other from winning that they ram into a pile of goo, causing Ralph to win the race. At the dance, Lisa claims its one of the best moments in her parent's lives, which Bart misses out on due to him playing paddleball.

Back home, Bart questions how Ralph got into the race in the first place with Lisa claiming she wrote his essay for him so Chief Wiggum would buy her a pony and to teach Bart a lesson. When Lisa claims "Just Deserts", Homer comes in and Lisa just tells him it's an expression, only for both to find out that it's a real place in Springfield. When Homer asks if they have other food, the employee tells him "Just Deserts", dissapointing Homer in the process.



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