The Girl on The Bus
I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can
The Clown Stays in the Picture

I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can is the thirteenth episode of Season 30.


The Simpsons get Netflix, and Homer watches Marge's favorite show without her.


Homer is awoken in the middle of the night by Bart, calling him from Milhouse's house, during their sleepover. Bart begs Homer to take him home, because Milhouse is torturing him, by forcing him to read retarded Yertle the Turtle books. Homer tells Bart that he got himself into that mess and that he's not putting his neck out for him and hangs up. Right after that, Marge gets a call from a random family member, telling her that her prized aunt, Eunice Bouvier is in danger of dying. Marge says that she's going to have to take the next flight to where Eunice lives, as soon as humanly possible. Homer doesn't want to go, so he lies that he has to take care of the kids at home, which is clearly untrue, as Maggie is shown feeding herself applesauce in the kitchen.

When Marge is just about to leave, she tells Homer to promise her, that while she's gone, not to watch the new season of Odder Stuff without her, because the time they spend together, binge watching that show, is the only time they spend together as a married couple anymore. This is going to be a task for Homer, as Homer can barely resist the temptation to watch the new season of his favorite Netflix show.

Marge goes to see her dying old Aunt Eunice at the hospital. Patty and Selma are already claiming ownership over her property, by sticking stinky notes on it. Aunt Eunice starts walking again, and the two sisters hopefully await her death, only to realize that now Eunice is fully functioning again and she's realized they're trying to steal her stuff. Eunice breaks her lamp and uses it as a knife to attack them.

Meanwhile at home, Homer tries to read a bedtime story to Maggie, but Bart and Lisa start watching Odder Stuff in the other room. This makes it harder for Homer to resist the temptation, and Bart and Lisa tease him over this. They know that although he can't watch the show, they still can. Homer starts to get drawn into the show, but then he hallucinates Marge's head on a demagorgon, making him flip out and change the channel to Bojack Horseman, which he claims is too depressing. After this, he turns off the TV, and for some reason, gets no reaction out of Bart and Lisa.




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