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I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'oh
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I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'oh is the twentieth episode of Season 30.


Marge becomes director of Springfield's local theater, armed with Lisa’s script resembling "Hamilton." Meanwhile, Homer joins a baby class with Maggie, where he takes a liking to supervisor Chloe.


A disgruntled cast and crew expel the genius perfectionist theater director Llewellyn Sinclair from his "Oklahoma!" Production. Lisa's musical is called "Bloody, Bloody Jebediah" with Sideshow Mel in the lead role. Krusty will be showing it on live television, recording the outdoor production. Later, Sideshow Mel leaves the program, so Marge tries to rewrite the paper, finding that Professor Frink (sung voice played in this episode by Josh Groban) has an impressive singing voice. However, it is revealed that rain is forecast for the live performance.

Meanwhile, Homer Simpson realizes that a popular class of babies is taking place and joins Maggie. His confusion about popularity is answered when he sees Chloe, the sexy supervisor who runs the baby class "Daddy and I."

"Bloody, Bloody Jebediah" is broadcast live and starts successfully, however, during a commercial break, it starts to rain. The bear of Jebediah (John Lithgow) begins to sink into a puddle, so Lisa quickly rewrites the end to the public's satisfaction. The production is nominated for ten awards but does not win. But Marge wins a special prize for the best newcomer.

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